Friday, February 22, 2019

Friday Favorites: A whole lot of shoes, quotes and plants

Happy Friday!
I'm so excited for the weekend because my winter decorations are being boxed up and the spring decor is coming out!
Hello, SPRING!!
It's a Friday Favorites kind of day!

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I'm a quote junkie!
I have so many quotes both public and hidden on my Pinterest. 
Lately I've been seeing a lot of quotes that I just love. 
They motivate, inspire and make me happy.
Here's a few of the past couple weeks inspiration!


I've had my eyes on so many shoes lately!
The upcoming change of seasons has me wanting to grab for new kinds of shoes instead of boots, boots and more boots!
Here's what I'm loving lately!

Seaside Woven Sneaker, Platinum, dynamic

Keds x kate spade new york Calf Hair Slip On, Leopard, dynamic



Homemade Gifts

One of my students gave me this for the Chinese New Year!
He is so talented at the Rubik's Cube.
One day we timed him for one minute, and he was able to complete the whole cube in that amount of time! 

My grandma made us these cute heart cookie pops for Valentine's Day!

Speaking of treats, Alex came home with this bundle of cupcakes for me the other day!


It's that time of year!
I started sowing seeds last weekend. 

Here they are a week later!

I now have all of my seeds planted and will just wait on them to grow!
This makes me so happy because it's almost time to get back outside. 
We had yet another bout of snow this week. 
Five inches in the morning, raining by mid-day and nearly 50 by the day's end!
This weather is crazy!
But, I thoroughly enjoyed my morning through the snowstorm!

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Atlantis 2018

Atlantis seems like the rage with families!
Alex and I thought it would be interesting to check out, so we opted to spend our day in Nassau there. 
We'd been to Nassau several times before, so we were ready to try out something new!

We took what looked like a taxi bus there. 
I was one of the last people on, so I got to hop up and sit on the left-hand side beside the driver!

We made it to the resort around 10 am. 
It was super quiet and sparse at the beginning of the day. 

We ventured around to explore and get our bearings set. 

Watching another cruise ship head to port!

After exploring we set our things down and went to the rocky river. 
The water was super cold, so I was a bit anxious for the ride. 
It was super fun, and I maybe wish we had gone on it again!
It's just like a lazy river, but there are rapids that push you along. 
Sometimes you end up nearly right on top of someone else. 
Alex and I opted for two individual tubes, and I wish we had a double one together.

I'm not going to lie, I got real freaked out by the water slides. 
After waiting in line and hearing little kids scream I opted out of all but one. 
I went down the one that takes you into an aquarium where you can see sharks and fish right beside you. 
It was a neat slide. 
Its a tube slide, so Alex and I got to go together. 
There are sharp twists and turns at first, and then you drop down into the aquarium where you go super slow before finishing out the slide. 
The line wasn't too long, so we did that one, and then I chickened out for the rest!!

The only problem we had was that we couldn't use our phones, so when Alex went on a slide I had to try to find the exit. 
The exit was rarely near the entrance. 
One time we had to resort back to our meeting spot and wait on each other there because we just couldn't find one another. 

We spent the afternoon falling in and out of sleep right here!

We stayed as long as we could and then headed back to our shuttle!
The middle of the day was super packed. 
I think there were 5 cruise ships there that day. 
Everyone says it's much nicer in the morning and the evening because there's simply not that many people there!

We made it back to the ship and were ready to depart!

We love traveling, so this was a great way to break up Christmas break. 
In the future I would opt to not travel until December 27 or preferably 28. 
This would allow us to enjoy Christmas dinner leftovers and not be so rushed. 

I, also, was so surprised with how cold the ocean water was. 
If we were going on another tropical location, I think I would opt for Mexico or another island because the water temperature just seemed too cold for me.

The drink package on Norwegian was great for our friends. 
I'm really not much of a drinker, so the drinks don't really tell me anything. 

I'm still a Royal Caribbean girl!
Royal is my favorite!
I'm anticipating booking our summer cruise on Princess this week!
I'm super excited to see what Princess has to offer and see where it ranks in my personal cruise line ranking!

Monday, February 18, 2019

Norwegian Sky 2018

Hey There, Monday!
Today I'm dreaming that we are still on our after-Christmas cruise!
I'm thinking about the sun, warm weather and tropical views!

Last summer Alex and I had been thinking about going somewhere after Christmas.
We mentioned going on a cruise because we thought that would offer sunshine and heat!
Our friends heard us talking about it and said that they would be interested too, so I set off to find the right cruise for us!

We opted for the Norwegian Sky because Alex and I had never been on a Norwegian cruise before, and it had an included beverage package, which would be enjoyed by a lot of our friends!

Ideally, we would have loved to depart a couple of days after Christmas, but this cruise depart on December 26.
I made sure that everything was packed a couple of days before Christmas because Christmas tends to be busy.
I wanted to still host Christmas dinner at our house, so that meant lots of people in our home only a few hours before we would leave. 

We hosted Christmas dinner a bit earlier in the evening, so that we would have enough time to clean up and get ready for our 3 am departure. 
Our friends picked us up and we headed to the airport. 
The airport was busy, but it wasn't crazy. 
TSA moved fast, and it seemed like just another ordinary day. 
I was amazed at how holly-jolly one day can be and then the next it's like back to normal. 
I was a little sad that everyone didn't seem to be in the Christmas spirit, but we were ready to depart. 

We made it to Miami about a half hour early. 
That put us there nearly at the same time that the rest of our friends were landing. 
We met up and caught an Uber to the port. 

It was raining, one of our friends got sick in the Uber, one of our friends left her phone in the Uber, so we were really glad to say good-bye to Miami!

The next morning we made it to Key West!
Key West gives me all of the happy feels because that it where we got married!
I was up early eating my breakfast and looking for the sun to rise. 

Do you see that fancy ship down there? 
Someone said it was Kenny Chesney's!
We never saw him but it could have been!

We were set to snorkel in Key West, but the water was so rough. 
The Christmas trees on the ship were swaying back and forth. 
They actually met with us and said there was an advisory and that they wouldn't recommend small children going out. 
They gave us the option to cancel and get our money back. 
We were very pleased with this option and didn't figure we would see much with how rough it was. 
We cancelled our snorkeling adventure and went to find our friends!

I always love this view!

We walked around and then decided on visiting a local beach. 
We laid out for a while-the water was freezing!!
Then, we ventured to lunch and I had to have some chocolate covered key lime pie!

Before long we were back on-board and enjoyed the views as we headed out to sea!

I always love seeing the towel creations and the Daily for the next day!

The next morning I was up early and decided to find a spot to read.

I was sitting here when they came on and broke the news that it was too rough to visit Norwegian's private island. 
They wouldn't be able to get the tender boats out with how high the waves were. 
I was SO bummed that our friends would not get to see a private island. 
The private islands are always my FAVORITE!

Since we couldn't go to the private island, I went to the spa!

We over-nighted in Nassau. 
When we arrived, we got off and explored a little bit of evening life in Nassau. 

Enjoying the Christmas views!

The next day we were heading to Atlantis!

I'm going to give Atlantis its own blog post on Wednesday!

After Atlantis we returned to Miami, and I read beside the ocean as we waited until it was time to head to the airport!

Come back later on in the week to see more about our trip!