About Me


I'm Beth, lover of the early morning hours, running addict, wife and reading/writing teacher. 
I'm an over-analyzer who spends way too much time on everything I do. 
This is a blessing and a curse as I will NOT quit until I have something exactly like I want it. 

I enjoy anything that involves being fit, flowers that bloom all summer long, pulling on my gardening boots and tromping around in the soil. 

If I'm not in my classroom, creating a test, reading a book, grading papers, then I'm probably running along the side of the road, creating a pie with fresh berries that I've picked, planting seeds or deadheading flowers. 

I enjoy most days outdoors-frolicking through the snow, lying beside the pool or running through a myriad of colors as the fall leaves change by the minute. 

My blinds are rarely pulled, and I'm always looking for a way to enhance my day. 

My days are best spent trying to become a better version of who I was yesterday!

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  1. Just came across your blog -- can't wait to follow along!