Friday, December 22, 2017

Friday Favorites: Christmas Invites, Home for the Holidays, Free Books!

Happy Friday before Christmas!
We've been off since Tuesday, and I've basically thought that every day has been Friday.
I don't feel too bad because we were at a local candy shop yesterday and the lady there thought it was Friday too!
Our Christmas cheer is gearing up, and we're starting some Christmas activities this evening.
Dinner with friends and Christmas light seeking we will go!
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Christmas Dinner Invitation

We will once again be hosting Christmas dinner at our house. 
I used this template off of

 This year we decided to add in a gift card exchange. 
We are going to play this game that I found here.
Hopefully, it will be fun, and everyone will get a gift card that they can use!

Home for the Holidays

I attended an event with my mom a couple of weekends ago. 
It's a Home for the Holidays Christmas event. 
Longaberger is a small basket company that made it big many years ago. 
Thousands of people would flock to its headquarters and shop for baskets and pottery. 

Unfortunately, it has taken a dive for the worse. 
The homestead, where they had their main shops, is now closing and returning to its original building in town. 
This place was absolutely gorgeous!
It looked even more gorgeous with people. 
I remember it as a place that I went with my mom as a young girl. 
We enjoyed one last outing before they closed up. 

Free Books

I ordered some books from Scholastic this month for my classroom. 
Do you guys remember the book order forms? 
The paper ones that the teacher would give out and you could take home, pick out what books you like and then bring back in the order form to order them.
I recently started getting the order forms. 
The students don't order any books, but I've been loving the bargains that I've been getting from them. 

I was excited to get these free ones with my latest order!

What's Up Wednesday/On Hallmark

This week was our last What's Up Wednesday of 2017!
Who can believe that 2017 is almost over?!

My favorite part of WUW were my Christmasey outfits that I've been wearing to school.
One of my students surprised me with "You look like one of those ladies on the Hallmark channel!"
Head over to my WUW to hear my reply to him.
In the meantime, here's a peak at some of my outfits...

We've had an ongoing war of Christmas outfits, and some of my students have been running into the classroom just to check out what I'm wearing for the day.
Oh 13 and 14 year olds!
They will surely make you laugh!

Holiday Spa Day

Yesterday I shared our Holiday Spa Day last weekend. 

My mom, mother in law and I loaded in the car and headed to the city for a girls' day!
We had coffee/cocoa and a pastry to get us geared up and going. 
Then, we made it to the Woodhouse Day spa

We indulged in the tranquil atmosphere and relaxation that the day brought through head, neck and shoulder massages. 
From there, we headed for a bite to eat and some last minute shopping. 
We did get some shopping in, but that wasn't before we toured many many many parking garages to find a parking spot. 
Next year I'm thinking it might be a better idea to shop first and get massages second. 

Lots of great Christmas events are beginning to take place.
Just last night we hosted an impromptu Christmas dinner for Alex's side of the family.
Some of them came to town early and will be heading back out before our Christmas dinner on Christmas Day.
I love hosting dinners and was glad everyone could come, circle around the table and eat together.

Today I have a big appointment.
I'm hoping things go well there, and then we plan to stop by a little cupcake shop before heading back home to get a few more things done.
This evening we will be eating out with friends and catching some Christmas lights!

I hope you and your family have a blessed Christmas!
No matter what you are enduring right now, I pray that God will hold your family close and you will be able to feel His presence all weekend through!
Merry Christmas!

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  1. Who wouldn't want to be told they look like a character out of a Hallmark movie! Lol what an awesome compliment! Also, I totally remember those order forms for books! They were the highlight of my month in school! Merry Christmas!