Friday, February 9, 2018

Friday Favorites: Super Bowl Cake, Bahamas, Bulletin Board Inspiration

Happy Friday!
It's been a long short week.
The excessive amount of snow days we keep having has me wondering what day, month, and date it is too regularly!!
Let's hope it's Friday, February 9 and the last time we have a snow day!

Today, like every Friday, is a Friday Favorites kind of day!

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Super Bowl Cake

I vowed not to watch a lick of the Super Bowl. 
I was going strong until Alex brought dinner home and forced me to watch it. 
I really didn't get into any of the commercials, and I wasn't rooting for any particular team, so my favorite part was this cake...

Live with Kelly and Ryan from the Bahamas!!

We got an unexpected snow day on Monday, and I was even more excited when I turned on my TV for Live with Kelly and Ryan to find they were at Atlantis!

I was even more shocked that Kelly was in that dress over the weekend on Instagram, and then again for the show!
Now it has me wondering if perhaps Monday's episode was recorded from the weekend.

At this point in time I was daydreaming about being in warm, sunny weather unlike what I was seeing outside of my window!


These snow days have left me ample time to read. 
On this particular day I ran in the middle of the road before the sun rose. 
It was snowy, slippery and a beautiful sight!

I came back, showered, made myself some cocoa and sat down to read.
One book for class and another for pleasure.

Bulletin Board Inspiration

I've been finding a ton of new teachers to follow on Instagram.
I love these bulletin board ideas. 

 How cute is the paper border?!


It's that time of year...

Time to plant flowers!

On Sunday I planted my geraniums...

Four days later and they were sprouting!

The weeks have been long, oh so long recently. 
We've had one consistent week of school since before Christmas break. 
I love snow, but I'm ready for sunshine, flowers and warmer days. 
Our school year has officially gotten longer as we just added a makeup day at the end of the year. 

Here's to a sunny weekend and dreaming of Spring! :)


  1. Haha that cake! Love it! Yay for planting flowers! I really wish I could keep any plants alive.

  2. Bring on the warm weather! It sounds like you all have had more snow days than us, and I thought we had a lot! We just had another snow day yesterday, and they told us our last day for students as of now is June 1st. We were supposed to get out on May 21st. 😩