Friday, September 22, 2017

Friday Favorites: Lilly Pulitzer Sale Items, Booties, Summer Flowers

Hello there Friday!
I'm in need of a Friday right about now.
School has really been kicking my behind this week.
Thank goodness for Friday and some short weeks in the near future!
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Lilly Pulitzer Sale Items

I participated in the Lilly Pulitzer Semi-Annual sale for the first time ever. 
The sale goes live at 8 am; however, at that time I'm teaching a class. 
So, I didn't get to browse the sale until about 4 pm. 
I was so happy to find a lot of the items still in stock!

Alex was actually kind enough to quickly join the wait when he got home. 
So, actually, by the time I got home we were in to shop. 
I tried on a pair of Lilly shorts at Marshall's in the summer, and they were too big, so thankfully I had that sizing reference. 
Even though I love the shorts, I didn't order any because I was afraid they wouldn't fit (too big).
Instead I stocked up on dresses. 

A couple weeks later we were able to stop at a Lilly store and I was correct in my prediction on the shorts. 
All of their shorts are too big. 
What a bummer-they suggested I try on girls, but I opted not. 
I'm very please with the fit of all of my dresses.
I got so many compliments at school. 
I'm usually choose gray or black tops, so everyone was so surprised to see me in this dress!

 I can't wait for the next sale in January!


I love a good deal and clothes and shoes.
I couldn't keep myself from buying some more booties the other week.
They were on sale at Nordstrom's and were one of my favorite brands, so I ordered two pairs.

These ones they didn't have in stock in a 7, and I read the reviews and people were saying they ran small, so I ordered a 7.5.
I'm still not sure if they will work.
They fit but aren't really snug, and I feel that a more snug pair would work better for the height of these booties.
I've been stocking them online, as they now are on super sale and to see if they have my real size.


I've been wanting a pair of black booties for a while now.
I'm a Lucky shoe fan.
They seem to fit tight and are comfortable.
When I'm teaching all day and come home to run or workout I need shoes that are comfy.
When I saw these ones that had been on my "Like" list on sale I took the plunge and ordered them too.


Fall Festival

Over the weekend my mom invited me to go to a nearby fall festival. 
It's located at an outdoor park, so we walked around the vendors and had some great food. 
All of the desserts looked amazing!!
Apple Fritters caught my eye, so we indulged. 
I had a picture of the fried goodness topped with tons of powdered sugar, but I think it accidentally got deleted. 

Goodbye Flowers

This has been a summer favorite!
I enjoyed once again growing some of my flowers from seed, watching them sprout and then thrive during the summer months. 
I'm so sad to see them go, but I'm enjoying every last warm, sunny day with them!

These beautiful geraniums were sown in seed in January while I was watching the Steelers play!
Some nine months later in September I'm watching the Steelers play and enjoying them outside of my living room windows!

Alex saw one hummer this week. 
I filled up my feeders for what I believe will be the last time. 
They sure are neat little creatures, and I will miss their beauty over the winter months. 

I've already had to pull up these impatiens grown from seed. 
I know it hasn't frosted yet, even though it has been in the 40's on some mornings, but my impatiens died quick. 
All of the blooms fell off, and I was left with bare stems. 

My calibrochoa are starting to turn for the worst. 
These are my favorite flowers ever!
I love the peach color too!

 This was my first hanging basket. 
It suddenly started to turn one week and by two weeks later it was nearly completely dead.

 I found a replacement for hanging basket #1 and now have hanging basket #2
It sure was beautiful but is also starting to fade away.

Summer Like Weather

Guys, it was so cold that we had to put the winter blanket on our bed and turn on the furnace a couple weeks ago. 
This week did a 180, and now we could have the air conditioning on. 
It has been in the 80's and could even hit 90 this weekend. 

I'm loving the summer weather, but boy do I need a haircut. 
My hair doesn't love the humidity. 

All of this sunshine and warm weather has me reminiscing about summer pool days. 
It's too bad that most pools in our area are now closed.

Here's to hoping you have a great weekend!
Next week we have a field trip and the students are off on Friday!
The teachers get a professional day, and then it's Fair Break!

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

20 Minute Flat Belly and Toned Arms Workout

Here's a great 20 minute workout for your arms and abs. 
I had 25 minutes to workout before my pie would be done, so I headed to the basement to get in a quick workout. 
I hadn't done arms for a while, so I browsed for a new arm workout and ended up loving this one. 

One thing I love so much about PopSugar Fitness is that they show modifications, so if they think it's too hard, they will show you an easier version. 
This is a great way from deterring people who think they just aren't strong enough from quitting. 

This workout has three sets with three moves that you do two reps of. 
I didn't feel like I was dying in the end, but my shirt was sweaty, and I needed a drink. 
I felt like it targeted my abs a lot and am interested in seeing just how sore my arms are tomorrow. 

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Tuesday Talk: Meal Rotations

Hey ladies!
It's Tuesday Talk around here!!
The third Tuesday of every month Ashley and Erika do a little Tuesday Talk. 

You can blog about whatever you're interested in talking about.
It's that easy!
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Today meal rotations are on my mind. 

By meal rotations I mean the continuous cycles of meals that you eat throughout the year. 
I know sometimes there are meals that I make based on that season, but I'm interested in starting a meal rotation spreadsheet to keep track of some of our favorite meals. 

I know some people keep track of their favorite meals on paper and some make a spreadsheet. 

I'm interested in gaining any and all ideas on how you plan out the meals that you are going to eat throughout the week and year.

Right now, I use my Erin Condren meal planner insert for each week.
On Saturday or Sunday before that week starts I sit down and write down what we are going to have. Usually I think about the meals the week previous, so that I can get anything I need at the grocery store prior to making the items. 
I write out what we are going to have and then I either make it on the weekend or that night. 

Right now that meal planning style is working; however, I feel if I had a spreadsheet of ideas to circulate throughout the year that it would make life even easier. 
Before I go ahead and make that spreadsheet, I'm sure some of you have excellent ideas that I haven't even thought of.

Please, please leave any and all ideas about how you setup your meal planning rotations. 
In addition, please leave any great recipes that would be a part of your meal planning rotations. 
Thanks so much for your help!

Monday, September 18, 2017

DIY Cornhole Boards

Here's a little look at we Alex has been up to.
Last summer Alex made these cornhole boards from scratch, but we didn't paint them. 
This summer we decided we would agree on a design and get to work. 

The design part was the hardest. 
I'm a Steelers fan, and Alex is more of a Brown's fan. 
Alex didn't want me to have a Steelers' board, and it would have taken a lot of paint colors. 
His next suggestion was Ohio State Buckeyes boards, but I'm not an OSU fan and would rather have Kent State boards where I actually went to school. 
So, we finally decided on supporting the Indians. 
We used to love going to Indians games, but we haven't seen one in a long time. 

Here's the process:

He did such a fabulous job!
I'm really proud of the final product!

Friday, September 15, 2017

Friday Favorites: Framed Recipes, Maximizing Productivity, Peach Pie

Happy Friday!
Another week down and on to another weekend!
I'm battling some cold/ear infection. 
I've felt like an older person for over a week. 
I'm really struggling with hearing my students, and I actually have to turn my ears towards them to sometimes hear them. 
I'm hoping I will get lots more rest this weekend to back to my A game come Monday.
As always, I'm linking up with ErikaNarci and Andrea
We're sharing our favorites from the week.
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Framed Recipes

Back in the summer I went to get two of my grandma's recipes framed. 
I thought it would be neat to see them hanging on the walls of her own house since Alex and I bought her home and now have made it our home. 

These recipes actually came from her favorite recipe book. 
It really wasn't much of a book anymore, as it used to be a simple notebook where she started writing down her favorite recipes. 
That book was used over and over and over again. 

It was actually falling apart, and I decided I would like to preserve at least two of the recipes. 

The first one is her most famous Chocolate Chip Cookies. 
She used to say "I wish I had a nickel for every batch of chocolate chip cookies I made."
She grew up as one of about 9 or 10. 
Her family took in a couple of kids as their own, along with her already 7 siblings. 

This recipe is so tattered and loved. 
You can barely read it anymore, but it is one of my favorites.

 The second recipe is for Butterscotch Pies. 
My grandma had a best friend named Ruthie. 
Ruthie didn't have any family in our town nor did she ever have children. 
She was a small feisty lady and was basically a third grandma to me. 
She was married and widowed several times and was a down right go-getter!

Ruthie used to invite my entire family (grandma's, grandpa, aunts, uncles, mom, dad, cousins, etc.) over for Christmas dinner. 
It was the BEST!
She was a phenomenal cook and always would make pies for desserts. 
Usually she made lemon and butterscotch. 
I'm not even a fan of butterscotch, but it reminds me so much of her. 

I love walking by these recipes and thinking of two of my favorite people!

Maximize Productivity

I follow several amazing teachers. 
I love to see and read about what they're doing in the classroom. 
Catlin Tucker is a great techno-teacher who is using the latest and greatest technology in the classroom.

I read an article that she posted about how to maximize productivity and loved it. 
This graphic is so true. 
Everything needs to have a time and a place.
You can read more of the article here.

Peach Pie

Earlier in the week I shared my amazing peach pie recipe. 
It's so simple but so yummy!
If you love peaches like I do and want to make it too, click here

I'm contemplating right now whether I have enough peaches left to make one more pie. 

Last weekend I also made two batches of Allie's Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars.
So, so simple, ladies!
I made a batch for Alex and I on Friday night. 
They were so easy that I made another batch before 7 am on Saturday for our church bake sale. 
I love the easy yet delicious recipes that Allie shares every Thursday!

Porch Steps 

Last weekend our porch stairs got a little DIY makeover. 
Alex and I love home projects. 
We're just really not good at sitting still. 
We started our repainting the railing, and then ended up at Lowe's buying paint for the front porch step. 

I wish I would have gotten a picture of the before. 
It basically looked like regular cement. 
The old paint was so worn that you really didn't even know there was ever paint there. 

I spent a couple hours lying down with a couple paintbrushes, and then voila!

Soon enough I should share how we remodeled our house. 
We loved it, and thought it would never get finished, and now we sit down and look at each other and think "what could we do next?"

Our projects are very limited now, but we're always up to something. 
This weekend is another college football weekend, so I'm sure we will have some visitors for that. 
I'm more excited about the little shopping trip my mom and I have and for the Steelers playing on Sunday!

Have a great one!