Monday, October 16, 2017

Freezing Taco Meat

Are you a busy working lady or busy working mama?
In the summer, life is calm, and I have lots of time to get caught up on many things. 
One of those things is preparing dinner for when school starts again. 

Back in the spring I started frying ground beef and freezing it. 
I actually hate frying ground beef because it's so greasy and messy. 
If Alex is home I will con him into frying it for me.

I find that it's not so bad if it do a couple pounds at a time. 
I get the mess away with at one time, and then I have meat for weeks or months. 

Here's a little recap of what I did to freeze taco meat back in May. 

I only did two pounds of taco meat, and we still have one in the freezer. 
I'm good at freezing things and never wanting to use them. 
It's the whole "save it for a rainy day" mentality, but I forced myself to use one just a week ago. 

It's simple, and within 20 minutes I can fry a couple pounds and have them ready for the freezer. 

Step one: Fry the ground beef.

Step Two: Add in half a packet of taco seasoning and water (a whole packet is just too spicy for us!).

Step Three: Pour meat into a bowl to cool for a little while.

Step Four: Scoop into a freezer Ziploc bag. 
(My mom bought me these snowflakes one back during winter. I still haven't used them all, so why not use them for my fried meat?)

Step Five: Add a label with the title of the meat and the date.

Let the meat cool down completely, and then stack it in the freezer. 
I'm not sure how long they should stay in the freezer. 
I know regular frozen ground beef last a long time, but how about already cooked ground beef?

I just did three pounds of ground beef. 
I used the same exact process except didn't add the taco seasoning. 

What are some make ahead freezer meals that you make?

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  1. It's such a smart idea doing stuff like this! It makes meal prepping so much easier.