Friday, January 19, 2018

Friday Favorites: Home Again, Nickel and Suede, The Gaines'

Happy Friday!
It's a Friday Favorites kind of day!
I have a mixture of a movie, some side tables, and even two favorites that incorporate each of the Gaines' duo.
The sun is shining and we are getting above freezing today, so let's get started!

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Home Again

Sunday night Alex asked if I wanted to watch a movie. 
My typical quick response was "no".
I'm just not a movie person and don't enjoy sitting still for long periods of time. 

I felt bad that he wanted to spend quality time together, so I recanted my response and got to looking for a movie. 
I related that the movie I would want to watch wouldn't be something he wanted to see, but he told me I could choose anything as long as I stayed awake. 

Here's the problem, I almost ALWAYS fall asleep during movies. 
He was leery on renting a new movie because he was sure I would fall asleep, but assured him not and so we got Home Again. 

Any movie with Reese Witherspoon is great in my terms, but I really loved this one!

The beautiful home that she grew up in and then later moved back to was exquisite. 
Then, you have the fun loving, energetic "boys" who move in to their guest house and to make matters worse a return from the man who she probably doesn't want to see. 
If you love family/chick flicks, then try this out. 
I only fell asleep one time for mere seconds. 
Two thumbs up from me!

Coffee Table Comparisons

I was skimming through Instagram the other day when I saw this picture from My Texas House.

The coffee table caught my eye because it looks just like our coffee table in our living room.
So, I liked it and came to find out that it looks just like our but isn't ours.

Below are two coffee tables.
One is ours and the other is the one in My Texas House.
Can you guess which is which?





#1 is ours! You can find it at Value City Furniture. It's only $399.
#2 is from the image on Instagram. You can get it at Wayfair on sale for about $950.
They seriously look identical-so crazy!

Chip Gaines Promotes Reading

I was scrolling through Instagram the other night when I saw this post by Chip Gaines. 
Anybody promoting reading is near and dear to my heart, but when I saw it was Chip Gaines, it was all the better!
I love seeing kids gaining knowledge through reading-we can't promote reading enough!

Taylor Acorn

I've been listening to a lot of music on my snow days and stumbled upon Taylor Acorn. 
She is my latest favorite artist. 

She doesn't have a ton of songs out, but there are about 7 on her album.
She's country but not too county-I think Pandora recommended her to me on my Kelsea Ballerini station.
You should listen to her latest songs here.

Nickel and Suede

Have you guys heard of Nickel and Suede earrings? 
They're all leather earrings that started as a small town business made right here in the U.S.
I've been loving the new styles that they are coming out with. 

They somewhat remind me of some of the earrings that Joanna Gaines wears, but I'm trying to narrow down my likes to determine which one(s) I want to buy.

Which one(s) are your favorite? 

This weekend will be an extension of my snow day week off.
The weather is supposed to heat up and hit 50. 
I think all of our snow will melt, and we will finally see our roads again. 
I have a little project up my sleeve, so I'm hoping to get my materials and get started. 
Have a great weekend! 
Stay warm! 


  1. Too funny on the nearly identical coffee tables! Also, I found Nickel & Suede about 6 months ago and am obsessed lol - LOVE your picks, I've really been debating the new releases of Ivory Knit & Minty Fresh too :) Can't wait to see what you decide. Happy Friday, friend!

  2. I wondered if Home Again would be worth watching! We'll have to grab that from Redbox sometime soon!

  3. I saw Home Again with one of my friends when it was in theaters and thought it was SO cute! I love a good chick flick. And I love that first pair of gold earrings!

  4. I want to see that movie, I've only heard great things about it.

  5. Those are some really pretty earrings! I think the mint colored ones are my favorite!