Friday, February 24, 2017

Friday Favorites: End of February!

Happy Happy Friday!
Today, as every Friday, I'm sharing some of my favorites from the week!
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Crazy Weather

Well, this is totally unlike any Ohio winter I remember.
We have flowers blooming, and it's not even March.
Yesterday it was 70 when I was driving home from work!!
Today it's supposed to get to 75 degrees!!

I'm really worried about how we might get another snow and everything will freeze.
For the good of all of the plants, I'm hoping the warm weather stays around, but it's Ohio, so that probably won't happen.
We are known to have every weather condition in one week, and sometimes even in one day.

Last weekend I washed windows and picked up the yard.
Then, I came inside propped myself up on a chair by one of our front windows and read magazines.
The light was gleaming so brightly through the front windows that you could barely even see!

Spring Booties

On Monday I posted about some spring booties that are catching my eyes. 
If you didn't have a chance to check them out, click here
I really want your opinion on which ones I should order and in which color!

Valentine's Poem

My sweet grandma made us this cute poem. 
I had been talking about how we didn't have a grapefruit spoon or knife, so she made us this poem for Valentine's Day and bought us grapefruit spoons and a knife!
Bless her heart!

Spring Decor

I took down all of my snowmen, pine sprigs and gltizy decorations.
I'm still sucking up glitter and finding it nearly everywhere in my house.
It takes a good few months before the sparkles totally disappear.
As much as I love winter and am missing it.
Yes, I did say I miss it.
I'm excited for spring and the warm weather.

I put out my yellows, greens, flowers and greenery decorations last weekend.
It's good for a change in scenery around the house.

Plant Update

My geraniums are growing great!
See them on the left all green and full of life!
Let's hope they stay that way.

A few nights ago I planted impatiens and am awaiting their sprouting!

Tonight I'm judging cheerleading tryouts and chaperoning our junior high dance.
If you've ever been to a junior high dance, you know that it's more like inside recess than a dance.
Most times students are running around playing tag or standing alongside the wall than they are dancing.
I hope your Friday night is as fun as mine!


  1. Your grandma is so sweet! Makes me miss my Nana! You go botany girl- I would've killed the seeds somehow by now. Hope your night is filled with lots of dabbing and T-Swizzle!

  2. Ahh good luck tonight with your chaperoning duties! I know what that's like haha! And weather in Alabama has been so crazy too! It's going to be really warm today and then tomorrow the night is in the 50s which means everyone will be sick by Monday ha!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  3. The back and worth weather is so interesting this year! I think we had 2 real days of winter otherwise it has been so warm. I'm not ready for summer just yet haha.

  4. That note from your grandma makes me miss mine so much!! We haven't had a winter this year either, and it's 70 today so I'm itching to get planting, too! Your geraniums look great!

  5. My vote is for bootie #4. I am actually wearing them as I type this and they are super comfortable! LOVE the poem that your grandma did - that's so cute!

  6. Texas is having crazy weather too!!

  7. That note from your grandmother is the sweetest thing ever!! I love it! We've been having the same crazy weather in Pennsylvania -- we usually get at least one or two snowstorms in March but I hope we don't this year! Now I am spring mode!