Friday, February 10, 2017

Friday Favorites: V-Day Weekend!

It's Valentine's Weekend!
Whether you're single, dating or married, I hope you get to spread the love and enjoy being with those you love. 
We're back at it for another round of favorites on this Friday. 
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Saturday morning I enjoyed a relaxing facial. 

There's just something about clean, healthy skin that I love.

Unfortunately, my Clarisonic died after about 5 years.
I'm still debating buying a new one.
There are so many new ones compared to when I first bought mine.
I need to research and figure out which one would work best for me!

Since my Clarisonic is no longer working, I opted for a facial.
I'm really considering having some laser treatment done to relieve some acne scarring.
I haven't totally decided to take the plunge, but I'm curious what you all think.

Has anyone had skin laser treatments?
What are your thoughts on all of the Clarisonic options?

Sunshine and Pretty Sunrises

This was my view waiting to go in for my facial. 

This winter hasn't even seemed like a winter.
We've barely gotten any snow.
One week it's 60 degrees and the next it's 20.

Don't mind my streaked windows from the salt and snow/rain. 


Each year I grow some of my own plants. 
My dad and I always start them from seed, and then transplant them outside. 

I really swear by growing your own. 
It's fun to see nothing turn into something, and I get to pick and choose the varieties that I want ahead of time.

I planted my violet geraniums on Sunday night.

Wednesday morning they looked like this

Wednesday afternoon all but one were up!

I love growing impatiens.
I will plant them later on in the month.
Last year the ones I grew from seed grew bigger than any others that I bought from a greenhouse.
They are easy and pretty!

Snow Delay

The last few weeks have been rough!
I've broken up a fight, had choice words said to me and tried to referee the constant contention in the halls.
As much as the teachers want a snow day, the kids NEED one!!
We actually have flowers coming up here in Ohio in FEBRUARY!
Our winter has been quite unusual.

At first we got a delay and then we cancelled!
I spent my morning reading, blogging, reading blogs and enjoying some cocoa and water!

Grad Classes

I've decided to sign up for two grad classes. 
Every five years we need renewal hours, and even though I've already met mine, I found two classes that really interest me and are on sale. 
Reaching and Teaching Gifted Students in the Regular Classroom 
Teaching Poverty's Children 
are two hot topics for me right now!
I'm taking the classes online and on paper through Advancement Courses.

I'm a bit leery about taking a paper course, but it wasn't offered online. 
I really think these courses will help me immensely to learn more about the kids I serve on a daily basis. 

This past year has been the first year since I was 4 and started Kindergarten that I haven't been taking a class. 

I started college and then transferred, so to catch up I always took summer classes. 
Then, I started my master's. 
Last December I finished my master's and then I started 3 online classes because they were a good deal and on high interest topics. 
I finished my last course over the summer and have been class free since then. 

This was my first year not coaching cross country in the fall and not having classes!

So, now I'm ready to learn again!!

It's Valentine's Day weekend!
Well, at least for us it is.
We are having dinner with some friends and then going to try out our hand with a paint and sip night.
I'm not coordinated in athletics or with drawing/painting.
Let's hope this goes well!


  1. Our kids at school are needing a few snow days as well! A few extra days off would make ALL the difference.

  2. I love starting my own plants by seed as well. And good for you on taking a couple new classes. Have a great weekend!

  3. Love that you plant from seed! I haven't used my Clarisonic Mia in years- definitely would love a facial right about now! Have a fun Valentine's!

  4. Yay for signing up for two grad school classes! I'm taking my last class right now and I am so happy.