Wednesday, February 22, 2017

What's Up Wednesday: February Edition

It's my first WUW of 2017!

Today I'm linking up with MelShay and Sheaffer to share 
What's Up Wednesday!!!
Today we're answering the following questions plus
What's your favorite beauty product?

What we're eating this week:

This week we're eating a lot of ground beef.
I think it's supposed to be bad for you, but let's go with it.  

If you're looking for an awesome lasagna recipe head over to Life As The Coats
I got this awesome recipe there and have made it for ourselves, along with friends and co-workers. 
They all love it!
I only wish I had taken a picture of how delicious it is!

Taco Stuffed Shells

My co-worker made these a year or so ago and everyone loves them.
I got out too much ground beef last week, so I made regular tacos and these. 
I hope to share the great recipe soon!

Stuffed Peppers

This recipe is on repeat at our house. 
It's super simple and delicious and includes a vegetable, meat and some cheese!

Chicken Tetrazzini

My great uncle makes the best turkey or chicken tetrazzini.
I didn't have turkey breasts on hand, so I made chicken instead.
I need to share this recipe as well!

Poorman Steak 
I shared my recipe on how to make Poorman's Steak here.

Semi-Homemade Apple Pie
In addition, it's great to have a yummy dessert with every meal.
Check out my semi-homemade apple pie here

What I'm reminiscing about:

I've been reminiscing a lot about what I was doing last year around this time. 
I was full force wedding planning. 
It's amazing that we've been married for 8 months. 
Time sure does fly the older that I get.

These are the pictures I was getting...

and what it looked like outside my window...

What I'm loving:

Spring Weather!

I really don't feel like we even got a winter this year. 

On Saturday I washed windows and picked up the yard. 
It was almost 70 degrees, and I was actually starting to sweat. 

What we've been up to:

We've been home bodies!

I took down all of my final winter decorations and put up my spring decor. 
I thought I was a bit early since it's still February, but the warm weather is calling for flowers instead of snowmen, snow balls and pine. 

What I'm dreading:

Two dreadful things this March...

1. We start standardized testing on the 20. 
Language Arts has two days, and then the other subjects have two days in May. 
March is so early to start testing.
I really hope that I've prepared my students as best as I could for the test. 

2. I have a periodontist check-up. 
Unfortunately, my gums keep recessing.
They really can't pinpoint why, but I've had gum graft surgery the past two years. 
It's painful and not fun being able to eat much for a few days. 
I feel like I have more teeth recessing, so I'm praying for a good check-up!

What I'm working on:

At school we're working on an informational presidential essay. 
The history teacher and language arts teachers are collaborating on teaching students about researching, paraphrasing, creating a works cited page and writing the actual essay.
I love having great co-workers to do cross-curricular lessons with!

In addition, we are currently reading The Giver.
It's so neat to see the students put all of the clues together to figure out the neat society that Jonas lives in. 

At home, I've been cleaning and planting seeds. 
Can't wait to see my flowers bloom!

What I'm excited about:

One of my friend's is having a baby very very soon!
I can't wait to see the first little one of our friend's group!!

What I'm watching/reading:

My husband got me into How I Met Your Mother.
It started out that I needed to see one episode, then led to three, and now 9 seasons!!!
What on earth have I got myself into?!
I'm really enjoying the show for the most part...when I don't fall asleep at night while watching it.

I'm just not a TV person.
Set me down to watch TV at night and you might as well tuck me into bed.
My body thinks that when it sits, it should sleep!!

What I'm listening to:

Kelsea Ballerini  has been on repeat on my commute for a couple weeks. I downloaded it on Apple music and connect it in my car when I can't find anything great on XM.

What I'm wearing:

 Loving me some Stella and Dot jewelry in both outfits. 
Can I just take a minute to mention how much I love the above necklace. 
I ordered the more budget friendly of it from Nordstrom, and it's just not the same. 
The chain is much thinner and always gets tangled. 
I really love the quality of Stella and Dot.

What I'm doing this weekend:

Judging cheerleading tryouts and chaperoning a junior high dance!
In addition, my co-workers and I are getting together to see Fist Fight.

What I'm looking forward to next month:

More warm weather! and the arrival of a sweet baby!

What else is new:

Nothing much is new.
I, unfortunately, got a head cold.
I'm working hard on kicking it off, but it got me down for a day or so.

What' the beauty product that you can't live without:

I think mascara is the finishing touch to any look.
If I don't have time to do all of my make-up I will still add a dab of mascara.


  1. That's awesome to have teammates that want to do crosscurricular projects! The LA team always gets mad that I even said Anne Frank's name because the kids read the play 2 years later. Ugh. Sorry about your gums- that's no fun! Can't wait to hear about Fist Fight! One of my students asked if have ever gotten into a fist fight with teachers! LOL!

  2. Standardized testing is the woooooorst! I'm so grateful that my little ones don't have to take them! We haven't had a winter here either. There were maybe 7 cold days! So crazy!

  3. I absolutely love stuffed peppers, they are so easy and delicious!

  4. I hope your appointment goes well... I'm sure it's frustrating and scary! I love that you guys are having spring like weather. The knee deep snow is getting old really quick. ;) But at least we've had a couple days where the temps have reached 40. Ha!

  5. I can't believe your standardized testing is so soon! Ours is the middle to end of April so I'm already starting review's the worst part of the year.
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  6. Your weekend plans sound so fun. :) I miss that kind of stuff when it comes to teaching! I agree with you about mascara - that's my #1 too!

  7. Those stuffed taco shells look so yummy! Also this is random but I cheered for 12 years growing up and sometimes very much wish I chose the teaching career path so I could judge cheer tryouts and be a sponsor, so fun!!

  8. Mascara is on my list, too! All your meals sound delicious!