Monday, February 20, 2017

Spring Booties

Let's take a look at some spring footwear!
This winter has been crazy mild. 
I typically don't pull out flats until almost April, but I've been wearing them in February!
That got me to thinking about some spring footwear...
I'm in need of a tan or black pair of booties, and I'm loving what I'm seeing. 
I just can't make a choice. 

Dolca Vita Sonya Bootie

This bootie comes in two other colors. 

Originally $139.95   Now $89.90

I love the perforated look! 
These just speak spring to me for some reason. 
They also have a lighter, more whiter color if you are looking for something super light.

Vince Camuto Celena Bootie

These come in two other colors. 

Originally $138.95  Now $99.90

I love the perforated look of these booties as well. 
I just think the color may be a tad bit too dark.

Lucky Bartalino Bootie

This bootie comes in 9 different colors!
I love the black the most because of the texture on the side near the heel. 

Originally $99.95   Now $79.90

I really think these are super cute, but I'm not certain I would wear them a ton in the spring. 

 Lucky Bashina Bootie

This bootie comes in 4 sizes.

Originally $138.85  Now $96.90

I saw this bootie at the Anniversary sale, but I passed it up. 
Kicking myself now as my size is out. 

BCBG Dorien Bootie

Scrolling through the different booties I saw these on super sale!!
They come in one other color.

Originally $128.95   Now $49.98

Even though these weren't quite what I was looking for, I love the angled zip.

So, what do you think would work best for this spring? 
Do you have any other contenders that I should see? If so, please comment and post. 

I chose to solely look through Nordstrom because they tend to carry the most comfortable booties for me. 
I can't wear super tall or uncomfortable booties. 
It's just not going to work. 
I feel like the past two pairs that I've bought from Nordstrom have really earned me great, comfortable pairs!


  1. These are all so cute but I really love the last pair! The style and color is perfect!

  2. #4 are cute! I've read good reviews on them before, too!

  3. I have #3 in brown leather and LOVE THEM! I seriously wear them 3-4 times a week. Some of my favorite booties!