Thursday, February 16, 2017

Ladies Who Link: Favorite Makeup Products

Today I'm linking up for my first time with Ladies Who Link.
I've enjoyed following Allie, and couldn't pass up this chance to blog about makeup that I love and get ideas from everyone else.

I always love those women who don't have to wear makeup. 
Their skin is flawless and if I were them I wouldn't ever cover my skin either. 
Unfortunately, I'm not one of those women. 

Acne hit me hard in my teen years, and as a result I have a lot of scarring. 
I hate those scars so much, so I try to hide them as much as possible. 
I'm debating having a little procedure done that will diminish those scars. 
I'm really looking for anyone who has had a similar procedure done and if it was worth it. 
So, in the meantime I cover it up. 

I've spent so much time and money on my skin that I am so fearful to put a product on it and cause a reaction, so I tend to splurge on my makeup. 
In addition, my skin is very sensitive from all of the products that I've used over the years that I have to be careful about what I use. 

Here are the different brands of makeup that I've used in the past couple years. 

Jane Iredale

H&H Science

Rig and Co

I really trust my dermatologist and when I first started seeing her they sold Jane Iredale makeup, so I started using that. 
Not too long later my dermatologist started making her own makeup, so I started using H&H Science. 
Then, I went to an image consultation at a local salon and started using Rig and Co. 

I love my dermatologist, but I started feeling like the people in the boutique weren't that knowledgeable about questions I was asking and didn't seem like they really wanted to help me find the right product. 
So, when I had the chance to go to a local salon and talk with ecstatic people about makeup, I was hooked. 

Typically, I use a combination of Rig and Co. or H&H Science products. 

Here are some of my other favorites...
Makeup Remover
I used to buy this at my dermatologist, but I ran out, and it's not close to where I live. 

So, I'm supplementing with these. 
A local spa told me that these remove makeup just as well as any other brand. 
I was fearful at first that they might burn my skin, but I've only ever felt a little tingle for not too long. 

I'm still in search for the perfect mascara.
I like ones that make my lashes look longer but not too bulky. 
Any great ideas, let me know!!!


  1. I'm really picky about my make up too because I break out easily. I go to Sephora for all of my make up but I buy Almay mascara at Walmart!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  2. I've heard great things about Jane Iredale! I love the Pixi makeup and skincare line at Target. A little bit pricier than most drugstore brands, but their Glow Tonic and sleep cream are amazing and have changed my skin for the better. I'm a Maybelline mascara girl through and through! Thanks for sharing and linking-up!

  3. I desperately need to revamp my makeup collection. I need to invest in better products.

  4. The acne scarring struggle is real! I had bad acne when I was younger and STILL get it! Argh! It really is a challenge to find makeup that covers AND improves your skin. I loved reading your post and may have to check out the things you suggested. I have never heard of H & H Science or Rig & Co. Thanks for linking up! Hope you'll just us next month too! -Sara