Friday, June 2, 2017

Friday Favorites: First Official Week of Summer!

Happy Friday!
My first official week of summer is almost through!
It's hard to believe how fast time can go!
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I love love love fruits. 
Strawberries are one of my favorites, and I love to pick my own. 
This week started our local pickings. 

I was so happy that the rain subsided, and I got to pick for a bit. 
This morning I should be back at it again. 
Yesterday I made strawberry pie and tomorrow morning I'm hoping to make some freezer jam. 


On Wednesday I linked up with MelShay and Sheaffer for
What's Up Wednesday!

We shared about our month and what we're up to in the future.
My post revolved around summer, school being over and our upcoming vacation.
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On Tuesday I shared that I'm looking for some new pots/planters. 
I want some taller and more modern ones for our front porch. 

I'm hoping tonight we find new ones or I'm planting in the old ones. 
I'm excited to check out the stock at Target and Home Depot. 

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Weekly Recap

Yesterday I started a new summertime weekly recap. 
Each day I'm keeping track of memorable events throughout the day in the Notes section on my phone. 

On Thursday's I'm going to share a recap of those memorable things. 
The days may be long, but the weeks are short. 
I want to remember all of the fun summery things that I get to do while being off. 

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Little Beach Street Bakery

I'm slightly obsessed with this book right now. 
I tried to start reading it at the end of the school year, but my mind was going in 1,000 different directions, so I couldn't just concentrate and read. 

Now that I have peace and quiet, I'm loving everything about this book. 
Set in a quaint little town a lady moves away from her hometown to escape her boyfriend, job and old life. 
She has a knack for baking bread but comes across the town's old bakery, who is anything but friendly. 

Polly has to decide if she should pursue her passion of baking or ride out the waves and make nice with the old baker. 

The past three days you could find me in my lounge chair by the pool reading away. 
It's a great escape because not only do I get to go to the pool, but I get to read a great book!

I've already ordered another Jenny Colgan book from the library. 
I hope it comes in before our vacation!

Have a happy first weekend of June!


  1. Love that you get to pick your own strawberries!! So fun!!

  2. I love fresh strawberries. We used to go and pick them as a kid. So fun! Have a great weekend! :)

  3. We made your banana bread with some added strawberries last week, and the kids loved it! Girl, put some more sunscreen on- you don't want to add skin cancer to your list of summer memories! Glad you enjoyed your first week of summer!

  4. Aw! So glad they enjoyed!! The weird thing about my skin is every summer I burn in random spots even WITH sunscreen on. It's the first time or two outside I burn in nonsymmetrical places that leaves me with blotches of darker skin throughout the whole summer. I always wear at least 30 on my body and 50 on my face!!

  5. Yum, I love strawberries too. I bought a bunch at the store this week, but I bet picking your own is even better!

    1. I buy from the store too; the local ones just seem to be sweeter and taste more like summer!

  6. I am all about fresh strawberries! My husband isn't a fan so more for me. :)

    1. Ah no!! They're one of my favorites- I can't imagine not liking them!!

  7. So fun!! I want to go strawberry picking now!

    1. It's so fun and the fresh ones are always the best!!