Friday, June 30, 2017

2017 Exotic Eastern Caribbean Carnival Cruise- Days, 4-6

I'm back to recap the rest of our Carnival cruise. 

On Sunday we woke up and were at Nassau. 
Alex and I had been to Nassau before and weren't impressed, so we booked an excursion. 
His parents wanted to do a bar-hopping tour, so we followed suit. 
I'm not much of a drinker, but I thought we'd go along with it. 

This was our first stop on the bar-hopping tour.
Viola's is a smaller resort that's not beach front. 
It was so pretty!

And I guess that's all of the pictures I took of the tour. 
We went to Margaritaville, Fish Fry ( a local bar) and Senor Frogs. 
What I liked more than anything was seeing different parts of Nassau.

We were back on the ship and ready to get cleaned up for the evening. 
It was fun seeing the towel animals each afternoon!

Alex and I loved the entertainment at night. 
We would head to the main dining area around 6:30, eat at 7, and then enjoy entertainment until 12 or 1.
This day was also our 1 year anniversary!

 So we left Nassau and headed to Half Moon Cay (Carnival's private island).
I always love the private islands. 
There's something about the white sandy beaches and clear water. 

We started off with a bike tour of the island. 
Alex wasn't thrilled that we had to wear helmets, but it was a neat little ride.

One stop was to see the stingray's

And we spent the rest of the day at the beach. 
The water was pretty chilly, and we couldn't find a place that didn't have lifeguards on duty. 
At Coco Cay we were able to be on the opposite side of the island as the public beach, and we could go out as far as we wanted and saw a ton of wildlife. 
I wish we had that same opportunity here.

That afternoon we were the last tender boat to leave and again got ready for a fun evening. 
The next morning we were in Grand Turk.

It was a little cloudy.

As you're entering the island, we grabbed chairs to the right. 
We had a clamshell that was free. 
The ones to the left cost $.
This side of the entrance is more rocky, but I didn't mind since I just planned to lay out. 
The left side seemed so busy, which I'm not a fan of. 

We laid out for a while. 
It rained a little, but I hid in the clamshell, and then we went to get some lunch.

This place was nearly right behind where we were laying out. 
It seemed more of a local place than something like Margaritaville.
We ate beside the Grand Turk police and one of the singers from our ship. 
We loved the view!

They even support Pitt with the best ketchup ever!
 We spent the rest of the day at the pool at Margaritaville. 
It's complimentary. 
We wanted to do a tour of Grand Turk, but we missed getting tickets. 

Back to the ship for another fun night!

Waiting for dinner and listening to some live music!

The final day at sea can be summed up with this picture...

We laid in the adults only area, and I did a lot of reading. 
Every now and then I would get in the hot cool tub and then get back out. 
I met another teacher, and we had some teacher talk, but otherwise it was low key. 

So there you have it. 
Another cruise in the books. 
We had a blast and loved loved loved the entertainment on board. 
Our cruise director Kabir was awesome, but there are some things we didn't love. 
Next week I will be back with a recap of what we liked and didn't like and what I would do differently if we did it again. 
Speaking of which, I'm looking at a cruise through Princess for next summer. 
Have you ever cruised Princess?
I'm curious to get other people's opinions before we make the booking.


  1. Oh how I love Senor Frogs haha! I love that you went on a bar hopping tour, I'm not a big drinker either but that sounds fun.

  2. I definitely think I'm not a cruise person. Give me a beach for a week, and I'm happy as a clam! That Viola's resort looked super pretty! Happy weekend!

  3. That water is so blue and gorgeous! Happy Friday!

  4. What a fun time. I loved the cruise I went on to Alaska. I love all the beach time you got.