Thursday, June 29, 2017

Sweet Summertime Recap: Week 5

I'm sorry for the post postponement.
I said I would do the recap of the rest of our cruise yesterday, but I forgot about What's Up Wednesday, and then today I forgot about my Sweet Summertime recap. 
The final cruise recap will be tomorrow!
It's done and ready to go. 
So, no Friday Favorites this week. 
I will be back with lots of Friday Favorites next week, and also next week will be my Carnival/Royal Caribbean Showdown. 
I'm going to share what I loved and didn't love about each cruise line and deem a final winner!!
So on with the regular program for summer Thursday's!

Another week of summer has said good-bye. 
It's Week 5, and on one hand I can definitely believe it, and on another I can't!
It seems like so long since I've seen my co-workers and actually taught, but at the same time it seems like it was just Memorial Day. 
6 more weeks of summer left! 
I like it when the amount remaining weeks is higher than the already enjoyed weeks!

Thursday, June 22

Like normal on this day I enjoyed some pool time. 
Some reading of the new Magnolia Journal. 
I just love home real Chip and Jo are!
And I love love love how much they value family and a simple life.

In the evening Alex hung my new hanger for one of my hanging baskets. 
It was a simple day.

Friday, June 23

On Friday I was up early and ready to go. 
I drove about 2 hours to the Half Price Books Warehouse sale. 
I got there about a half hour early and was still about the 100th person. 

I waited in line, and then the madness began. 
There are tables and tables of books. 
They are three rows deep on each table with the spines sticking up. 

I went straight to the Young Adult section. 
The first three minutes were good meaning I could move myself and my cart and not hit anybody. 
After that it was chaos. 
There are tons of teachers grabbing books since everything is $2 or less. 
I spent an hour in there, which was good enough for me. 
One of my co-workers was there, and he stayed for 3 hours! Wowzer!

I was still able to get a decent amount. 
This is my basement floor as I do a little DIY lamination on the covers of the paperback books. 
We tape them with shipping tape, so that the covers don't tear off. 
The hardbacks will have to wait until I get back to school. 
I didn't bring my book cover roll home with me. 

I left and hit up the regular Half Price Books store. 
By this time it was raining cats and dogs. 
I knew it was supposed to rain, but oh my. 
I stopped by Easton to return at pair of flip flops at Macy's and the lady asked if I wore them in with how wet they were. 
Um, no! That's how hard it's raining outside. The water soaked the bag they were in!!

It was nonstop raining. 
I had to hit Target and head for home because I literally was soaked!

Saturday, June 24

Another work day for Alex. 
I enjoyed the pool, and he brought me a frappe!
We hit up Menard's that afternoon before having pizza at my Mema's and ending the night with a fire at a friend's.

Sunday, June 25

On this day I did the children's message at church. 
It's fun and nerve wracking to do this. 
I'm not nervous on a daily basis at school, but it's a different environment and different people watching. 

In the afternoon, after leaving the pool because it was too windy and cool, I added another little flowerbed to the side of our house. 
We tried growing grass, but it's a bit too shady, so I resorted to another flowerbed. 
You can never have too many flowers!!

Monday, June 26

It is chilly here!
The temperature was in the 60's/70's.
Way too cold for the pool!
I cleaned the whole house, did laundry, read and watered flowers.

Tuesday, June 27

Finished my summer class!
I forced myself to sit down and finish my paper for Gifted Students in the Regular Classroom. 
Another book that I no longer need to add to my pool bag.

Wednesday, June 28

What started as a quick trip to one grocery store ended in lots of errands and my car being full of plants.

We've been looking for hydrangeas and all of them we've seen haven't looked healthy. 
Until I went by myself and wasn't driving a truck. 
That's how it works, right? 
I fit everything into my car and din't have anymore room to spare. 

I rushed home to get the steaks, burgers and brats in the freezer. 
Then I washed all of the fruit, so they are ready to enjoy. 
It's amazing how much more we eat of items that are cut and washed. 
So, now after going to the grocery store I wash the fruits and veggies and cut anything up that needs cut.

So there's Week 5. 
It was a cool, calm week. 
Now let the heat turn up on Week 6. 


  1. Looks like a great week! I love Chip and Jo also. Have a great day!

  2. Love hydrangeas! Megan at Honey We're Home did a post about how to keep the clippings alive for almost a month.

  3. It's so funny when you say that there are only 6 weeks of summer left it really puts things into perspective! Not much time at all.