Thursday, June 22, 2017

Sweet Summertime Weeks #3 and 4

I'm back with a recap of the past two weeks. 

We went on an anniversary getaway back to where we got married and a Caribbean cruise. 

It's been a fun, busy and relaxing/exhausting couple of weeks!

Thursday June, 8

On Thursday morning we woke up at 2 am, got ready and hit the rode to catch our plane to Fort Lauderdale. 
The airport we were going to was a little less than 2 hours away. 
The day before I took my in-laws to the airport, but their flight got cancelled due to the weather, so they had to come back home and we picked them up on this morning and heading back to the airport. 
I've never been to an airport that was SO busy. 
Now I've been to this airport at the exact same time before, but it was crazy on this day!!

So we cut it a bit close on time because we stopped for breakfast at McDonald's and talk about the slowest McDonald's ever!!
We waited in line for security for what seemed like forever. 
We raced to our gate only for our flight to be delayed and delayed.
I got in some good reading time on the flight. 
After a while I feel like I'm getting car sick, so I know to stop. 

Good thing is we finally made it to Florida!

And we got to take in this view as the sun set. 

Friday, June 9

We woke up in the same hotel where we got married. 
It was neat to check out the venue without all of the excitement of a wedding. 

I missed our awesome corner room overlooking the water with a balcony, but I did get to enjoy a little time at the pool this time around.
Then we stood where we said "I Do!" and headed back to Miami.

Saturday, June 10

I was up early and hit up the gym at our hotel before getting ready and trying out Uber on our way to the Port. 
We boarded the ship and set out to explore what all was awaiting us!

Sunday, June 11

Happy Anniversary to us!
One year later we enjoyed a bar hopping tour in Nassau!

I'm not much of a drinker, but my in-laws chose this excursion and we enjoyed seeing a little different view of Nassau. 
One stop was at a small local resort. 
It wasn't on the ocean, but it was a pretty little place.

Monday, June 12

A morning bike tour and a day at the white sandy beach of Half Moon Cay was what this day had in store for us!

Helmets were mandatory! 
Alex wasn't very happy about that!

 We had a pit stop a couple of places. 
One was to check in on the stingray's. 

Ah! What a way to spend the day!

Tuesday, June 13

Back to another beach with pretty water in Grand Turk. 
We enjoyed a local eatery, the crystal clear water and sunshine (and some rain)!

As a Steelers' fan I was glad to see that Grand Turk supports Pittsburgh with the best ketchup ever!

Wednesday, June 14

A day on the ship left us tired and our skin screaming. 
I'm really not a fan of the ship's pool and it's so odd to be surrounded by water in the ocean but not be able to get in. 
We enjoyed the hot (cold) tub on this day in the adults only area.
I enjoyed some good reading time.

Thursday, June 15

Back to land we were. 
Another delayed flight and we landed in time to meet up with our friends for wing night.

Friday, June 16

Back to work for Alex and back to the pool for me. 
I enjoyed laundry, cleaning and reading while lying at the pool. 

Saturday, June 17

A trip to our local Amish country.
Some Amish Chipotle- they have their own little taco/bowl bar, more flower baskets and my favorite pizza shop. 

Do you see the ice cream below. 
That's a kids cone or cup in my case. 
You can get from a kids cone to three dips. 
I have no clue how anyone can eat the triple dip. 
The kids one alone is like 6 dips of the ice cream scoop!

Sunday, June 18

Spent the morning hoeing the garden and pulling weeds. 
I'm a country girl at heart. 
My parents had a wedding this afternoon, so I spent Saturday afternoon with my dad. 
Brought him his favorite pizza, salad and a cherry pie. 

Love my dad so so much!

Monday, June 19

I've really tried to slow down and enjoy life. 
I spent some time watch our hummingbirds fight and drink from the feeder.

Tuesday, June 20

Alex had a doctor's appointment on this morning, which meant he got to sleep in. 
I made us eggs, toast and juice and we enjoyed a nice morning walk before he headed to his appointment, and I went to pick berries.

This was my last time to pick this year. 
The berries were small and there were lots of thistles in the part of the patch where I was picking.

This envelope holds a lot of information about my new little side job. 
It came while we were away, and I spent a little time going through the info without trying to be overwhelmed.

Wednesday, June 21

I dropped off a letter at the post office to begin my run
Then I headed out on a glorious run to our railroad tracks (one of my favorite runs).

I got to enjoy some time at the pool while reading before heading back to finish up one module in my summer class on gifted students and head to meet up with a friend. 

We hit up our local farmer's market, bought some local veggies and ate a wood fire pizza from one of the food trucks. 

Not images were captured on this day, but I guess that means it was too good to pull out my camera. 

Well there you have it. 
The last two weeks have been fun and exhausting. 
I love cruises, but boy do they drain you. 
You almost need a vacation from a vacation. 
I'd love to hit up another place this summer, but we shall see what Alex's schedule says. 

Have a great Thursday!


  1. It sounds like you're having a great summer so far! I've been wanting to go on a cruise and after reading about your trip I'm ready to start planning for it. It sounds like you had such a good time!

    1. Yes! I really did love it! I have some great tips for you if you decide on one, and I've just recently signed up to be a travel agent. So if you're interested, I can book a cruise for you when you decide!

  2. Um, an Amish taco bar!? Looks like a fun trip- sorry about all of the flight delays- that is never fun! Keep soaking up the sun- we've got rain, rain, rain from the tropical storm. Blah!