Thursday, June 1, 2017

Sweet Summertime Week #1

I'm starting a new weekly post for the summer. 

Sweet Summertime!

Each week I'm going to recap what I did throughout the week before. 
Last year I tried to keep track of what I did each day during summer vacation. 
It was a pretty busy/hectic summer, so I lost track, but this summer- GAME ON!

Each day I'm keeping track of something fun or memorable that I did on that day in the Notes section on my phone. 
I hope to take at least one picture a day and recap my week for you on Thursday's.
Now, I really want to do my recap on Monday's, but we are leaving for our vacation soon, and I want to get in more than one post before that happens. 

So without further adieu, let's get started...

Summer started on Friday, May 26 at 2:40 pm

Our last day of school is a work day for teachers. 
Most of my room was already cleaned up and packed away, so I didn't have a ton to do. 
I did odd jobs and my 8th grade team had lunch together. 
We had a taco bar and pulled pork. 
While we were eating a little mystery guest left me some flowers, a card and a gift card to Barnes and Noble.

My co-workers and I headed to a local restaurant and sat on the patio and had drinks. 
No pictures to share that great memory with you, but we had a great time. 

After drinks with my co-workers Alex and I headed to my favorite local pizzeria.
They use fresh ingredients from local farms in their delicious salads and on their pizza's. 
We sat on the patio and enjoyed a yummy Farmhouse Salad with Basil Dressing and a Pepperoni and Cheese Pizza!

Saturday, May 27

One of my best friend's got married on this evening!
It was held at a local winery, so we left a little earlier and met friends for a drink before heading to the wedding. 

We're all married except for my friend on the right. 
It's crazy how fast time goes by!
One of us has a baby and another has one on the way!

Sunday, May 28

On this evening we got to hang out with friends on the pack porch. 
I love using our back porch in the summertime. 

We played sequence into the early morning hours!
Have you ever played sequence?
It is so fun, and it doesn't take much more than a little strategy. 
Check it out here.
The girls are always better than the boys!
Once again the girls WON!

Monday, May 29 

It started with an early morning run, stopped by the local cemetery to pick some weeds around flowers that I planted at a family friend's grave a few weeks ago. 

We went to a local parade and Memorial Day service. 

We had a cookout at my in-laws. 

We went to Lowe's twice!!
We are fans of Lowe's. 
We never can get enough of it!

Tuesday, May 30

This was my first REAL day of summer vacation, and I did the task that I HATE the most!
After my morning run and a quick glance at Live with Kelly I went out to our back porch to do a summertime deep cleaning. 
Every spring/summer I remove everything from our back porch and clean it from top to bottom. 
Usually I wash the ceiling too, but I was home by myself and that just wasn't going to happen. 
We have a ton of windows with wood window sills, so I washed all 14 or so window sills, swept the cobwebs away and washed one wall of siding. 

I absolutely hate spiders with a passion, and you might as well put dust on that list too!
I hate this job so much, but I'm always SO happy when it's done. 
This took me all morning. 

I treated myself with my first day at the pool!!
This is our local private pool. 
Since I don't teach in my hometown it was so nice to hit up the pool while everyone else was still in school!

Wednesday, May 31

My morning started bright and early at the eye doctor's. 
I've been a one contact kind of girl for a long time. 
This time my eye doctor decided that another contact in my right eye might help me see better. 
So, we're going to try it out. 

Unfortunately, I didn't listen when I was young. 
I'm near-sided, but I wouldn't wear my patch and do my exercises when I was young or else they say I probably would have outgrown it. 

From there I ran errands and picked strawberries. 

My grandma and her best friend used to take me strawberry picking every summer. 
Our more local patch closed down, but another patch has come about. 
The plants were loaded, but not quite ripe. 
I did pick about 5 pounds and was on my way back to the pool for day #2. 

So that's week #1 in the books. 
What a great week it has been!
I feel like recapping my ordinary summer days makes me feel more grateful for having this time off!


  1. Ahhh a day at the pool sounds amazing! My apartment pool just opened and I can't wait to make use of it! Strawberry picking sounds like so much fun. I had no idea that you can grow out of poor eye sight! Hopefully that other contact helps you.

  2. I need a pool day in my life soon! Those strawberries look so good! Fresh strawberries are the best!

  3. Yay for summer break! I am sure you are relieved.