Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Clip It

Over the last two years I've spent more time looking for coupons and coupon codes.
I'm not a coupon fanatic, but I enjoy a good deal. 
I mostly look for coupons of items that we use on a regular basis.

Below are some things I use to help me with saving

Coupon Pouch

I use this little coupon binder or pouch to organize my coupons. 

I put in subtitles of items that I use most. 
My subtitles include:
Cleaners-for any cleaning products
Paper Products-paper towels, toilet paper, tissues, etc.
Bathroom-soap, shaving cream, razors, toothpaste, etc.
Frozen-any frozen items
Canned Items-all canned goods
Box/Bag Meals
Miscellaneous-sugar, batteries, cereal, etc.

I actually could revamp some of them because we no longer buy many box/bag meals; would rather cook everything ourselves.
You can add whatever subtitles would best fit your family.
It's super easy to change them out if you find that you don't need a category like I've mentioned for some of the above ones.

Go to and make an account.
They will send you emails daily telling you about recently added coupons or deals.
I get online and "clip" the ones I will use, and then they print.
Cut them out and there you have it.

Local Coupons

 I used to buy a couple papers on Sunday's to get their coupons, but I didn't feel I was getting the return for what I was spending, plus I had to drive 15 minutes to get that select paper.
I gave up buying papers for coupons and since have been getting coupons from my husband's work.
I'm not sure if someone brings them in or if they are leftover from the paper that his work gets each day.
Regardless, I love that he brings them home for me each Monday afternoon.
I only cut the ones that we will use.
On this particular day I was looking at some that would expire soon and seeing if we could really benefit from them or not.

Walmart Savings Catcher

Download the Walmart app.
Create an account if you don't already have one. 
Each time you shop at Walmart, scan the barcode or QR code.
It compares what you bought to other close stores, and if there's a cheaper price somewhere else, they refund you the difference on your account. 
This is SO cool and easy. 
Sometimes I don't know that there are cheaper prices elsewhere, and then I get an email saying I got $$ back. 

Receipt Hog

One of my co-workers told me about this app.
She actually won $100 using it!
Download the Receipt Hog app.
Each time you buy something, take a picture of your receipt with the app.
Then, it asks you some easy questions like who bought it and how was your experience. 
Make about 3 clicks and your receipt is submitted!

You earn chances to pull the slot machine. 
Depending on how you do on the slot machine, you earn more chances or coins or $$. 
I haven't won anything yet, but I do have enough coins to trade in for a $5 Amazon card.
Once you collect so many coins it allows you to trade them in for a few different things-Amazon caught my eye first.
I'm actually really bad at actually pulling the slot machine.
I take pictures of my receipts very promptly, and then I let all of the chances for playing the slots add up.
Last time I looked I had about 50 chances...
I'm still determined to win $100!

I'm not a crazy couponer, and there are many more people who could tell you A LOT more than I did. 
These simple steps help us to save, and it's kind have fun to guess which coupons you will find. 
How do you guys save?
I planned this post before I even saw Andrea's Show and Tell for January 24 .
Next Monday you should definitely linkup with her on how your family saves and what you splurge on.


  1. I wish I couponed! I use the savings catcher app all the time and I just signed up to get my own Kroger card so I can get those coupons mailed to my home but that's about it. I envy people who use coupons all the time and save so much money!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  2. We made your banana bread this week and everyone loves it! Added chia seeds and coconut flakes

  3. Well this definitely makes me want to start couponing!

  4. I need to work on this! I definitely use the coupons at our grocery store (with my savings card) and the Walmart Savings Catcher :) Good tips - this makes me want to start working on it ASAP.