Monday, January 23, 2017

Workout Faves

Today is all about my favorite things when working out. 
Last week I posted a Week of Workouts. 
I gave you a glimpse of workouts in my world. 
If you missed it click here

Today, I'm doing to give you a glimpse into some of my favorite workout attire.
I think I will show you my winter favorites now, and then when the weather breaks, for those of us who live where we experience all 4 seasons, I will show you my spring/summer faves.

For winter I usually have the following items:
Base Layer/Long-Sleeved Shirt
Sweatshirt/Zip Up
Neck Warmer

Winter Favorites

Under Armour Base Layers

I'm very biased toward Under Armour when looking for spandex/base layers. 
I think I've tried all brands, but when it is downright freezing out, there are what you need to put on!
I mentioned these in a post before, but I'll note on it again. 
They come in both tops and bottoms. 
I have both. 
I love that they aren't the regular spandex material, which is freezing to the touch when it's 10 degrees out. 
These are soft and cozy.
They are expensive, but they're worth it!
I buy most of mine at a Factory Store, so they are on sale even more. 

I went to the UnderArmour website and found the 2.0, 3.0, 4.0.

As the level increases so does the warmth. 

Here's the 2.0 for $54.99

3.0 for $74.99.

4.0 for $84.99.

And the tops...
Sorry for a back view. I couldn't get the front to save. 

2.0 for $64.99.
This one has a hood. 
I don't have one like that, but it might be useful!

3.0 for $74.99.

4.0 for $84.99.

I've never paid that much, but I couldn't find them on their Factory Store to link to them for you. 
Check any local Under Armour stores that are near you!
I think they're totally worth the money. 
I've had mine for like 10 years. 
I don't wear them regularly, so they really last. 
Usually I don't wear them by themselves, either. 
I will throw a pair on and then throw a pair of regular workout pants over top and head out to run. 
If you're looking for a base layer for when it's 10 degrees and below, check one of these out!

Nike Long Sleeve Tops

I layer everything in the winter. 
I usually start with a thick base layer like above for when it's super cold. 
If it's 30-50 degrees I usually where one of the following as a layer underneath a sweatshirt/zip-up. 

This is a regular Nike top. 
I can't find the ones that I have because they're so old, but the ones I love are lined. 
The material is much thicker than a regular top. 

Last Layer

Once I have my base layer, I put on a sweatshirt of zip-up.

The one below looks exactly like my favorite half zip. 
It's so old, like probably 10 years, but I love it!
It's gray and has thumb holes and is made of a thicker material.
It fits nicely over other layers and keeps me warm!


Unfortunately, I can't find either of the pair of gloves that I wear. 
Most of my apparel I buy and stick with, so lots of items are probably now near 10 years old. 
The thing I love is that these items have lasted. 

I wear a more basic pair of gloves when it's 30-50 degrees. 
My pair are Under Armour, and they have the little cloth piece at the end of each of the pointer fingers to wipe your nose. 
That might sound disgusting, but I love that about them. 
It's cold, windy, rainy, etc. 
I wipe my nose all of the time!

I love my gloves so much that I actually dropped them at a cross country invitational when I was coaching and back tracked my steps and confronted a man who had them on!!
Yes, he had them on!
I can't remember what he said, but he did admit that he found them (and maybe stretched them out because they were too small for a man) but thankfully I got them back!
They're my favorite.

And when it's super cold, typically 20 and below I double up. 
I wear the above gloves and a pair like these. 
Now, mine are Nike, but I can't find them.
See the pattern?
They're bigger and bulkier and warmer.
Perfect for those frigid days.

Now, I've searched and searched for the best gloves. I bought some internationally because they were supposed to be super warm, and they weren't!I use the double up system until I find one pair that are super duper warm!


The headband I wear is super basic.
It looks nearly identical to this.
It's just enough to cover my ears and keep the wind out.
I never wear a different headband than this. 

Neck Warmer

I got this as a gift a few years ago. 
Until then, I didn't run with anything covering my neck more than my sweatshirt or zip up.
I love to run when it's actually snowing, so this works perfectly. 
In addition, it's added warmth on a cold day. 
Mine seems like it's a little longer. 
There's a portion that has lighter fabric that you can pull up over your nose and mouth. 
It's, again, great for those frigid days!

Those are a few of my favorite winter items!
Do you guys have a favorite? 
I'm always on the prowl for tried and true workout gear!!


  1. Oh my! This post has me feeling all wimpy when I complain about it being in the 60s and windy vs. your weather! Good for you- that's dedication! :)

  2. I never thought to add a neck warmer when running - great idea!

  3. I love the idea of the neck warmer. Brilliant! And now I want new workout clothes. :)