Monday, January 2, 2017

2017 Goals

Happy New Year!
I can't believe that another year is here. 
2016 went super fast and listening to what older and wiser people tell me, it seems like they will only get faster and faster. 
Today I have 3 goals for the year. 
I'm keeping it simple and sweet. 
Here we go. 

1. Eat more healthful meals

I'm all about a good workout. 
I love to run and enjoy workout videos, but I don't love veggies. 
I eat a pretty clean diet most of the time. 
I think it has to do with being a runner for so long, but I can't eat a lot of junk. 
My body just can't digest the food, and I end up sick. 
So, most of the time I eat decent meals, but I know I could improve my veggie intake. 
I'm going to be more conscientious on cutting up veggies ahead of time, so that they are an easy grab when looking for something to eat. 

2. Save more

My husband and I have a really big financial goal to meet this year. 
We are focused, and I only hope that keeps up for the whole entire year. 
I took a Dave Ramsey class in college and have applied most of his principles since going through it. We are working on a specific baby step and are bound to complete it before 2018. 
I'm currently reading Love Your Life, Not Theirs by Rachel Cruze. 
I'm not too far, but I guess I'm a nerd because I love reading informational texts, especially money tips!

3. Enjoy the Simple Days

Last year I wanted to slow down and do more traveling.
Graciously enough, we did just that. 
I want to continue to travel, but I want to enjoy the simple days. 
When I'm onto something, I'm on a mission. 
In the halls at school people always look at me and say something like "you must be in a hurry" or "you're on a mission." 
Most days I'm just headed to the copier 
I'm really not on a mission, but I use every second of every day that I get. 
Sometimes I think that's a hindrance to me. 
I don't look at what's around me or stop to take in something else that might be happening not right in front of me. 
I want to enjoy the simple days and not be so rushed. 

That's it for the year. 
I think it's enough. 
My principal always says he can work on one thing, but when you start adding a second, third and fourth thing to his list, he gets off track. 
I think I can manage these three things. 
I'm going to make my best effort in 2017 and hope to have a successful report come next December!

*I was thinking of finding a new blog design; however, I've decided to stay with my own homemade one for a while longer.

Have a great start to the week!
Tomorrow, it's back to school for me.


  1. Great goals!!! You're going to rock 2017! Happy New Year!!!

  2. Yes! I 100% agree about enjoying the simpler days. I have 2 kids and teach an hour away from our house, so I'm planning 1 date day/night per month for my kids. I've missed out on so much with them and want to enjoy them more. If you have any recipes to share, I do a Thursday recipe link-up. I'd love for you to share!

  3. Love these goals! I want to eat healthier too. I do eat too much junk. I can do better. And I've read Dave Ramsey and we're going to try and incorporate his book into this year. We have a saving goal as well. Cheers to enjoying the simpler times and a fantastic 2017!