Monday, January 16, 2017

Week of Workouts

I decided to document a week of my workouts.

I'm not a trainer or have any training in working out, but I love a good workout video or a nice relaxing run. 
I try to workout five days a week. 
I'm really a creature of habit, so I like those workouts to be on the same days each week. 
Unfortunately, that doesn't always work. 
This year I'm trying to go with it. 
If I get to workout, awesome, if not, maybe I will be more motivated to workout the next day. 

Here are my workouts from the Week of January 9.


On this day I had plans to do my Jillian Michael's video because I had run the day before; however, our internet was out. 
So, I did my own little workout full of dumbbells and a Bosu ball.
I usually do three sets of 10 reps.

Bicep Curls

Reverse Fly

Cross Jab


Bosu Push-ups


On this day I planned to run. 
Well, it had snowed when I got up and the forecast was calling for sleet and freezing rain. 
At this point we were on a two-hour delay. 
I decided to live on the edge and with about a half hour remaining before I would have left for school, I went running. 
It started out with no precipitation, then by one mile a little snow, then some more snow, then some sleet and by the time my three miles were up it was nearly freezing rain. 

I came back and did some crunches.
30 regular crunches
30 side to side crunches
30 in and out crunches


Today I was back at it with my girl Jillian.

I found this DVD at home a couple of years ago and started partaking in it randomly.
I seem to get really into it during winter and spring and then take a break from it.
When I moved I was so glad to find it online.
The workouts are in levels.
Start at Level 1 and work up to 3.

You can find Level 2 here.

For some reason I just enjoy Jillian.
She's hard core and determined, and I love that.
She always was my favorite trainer on Biggest Loser.

If you have 30 minutes, try this out!
It includes a warm-up and cool-down and you just need a pair of dumbbells.


Outdoor run
Now, two days ago it was snowing and then freezing rain and we had a snow day.
On this day I walked outside in the morning to find it 60 degrees.
It poured and was super windy and by the time I was ready to run, it was done.
I pulled on shorts... in January... in Ohio and went for it.

3 miles later I was back home.


Fitness Blender Workout

I had heard of Fitness Blender a while back, but it seems to be popping up with a vengeance this week.
Our health nurse at school sent us some HIIT workouts, and Al and Shay have linked some that they've tried recently.
I thought about taking a break on this day, but I wanted to try out a video.
It's good to get out of your routine, and we didn't have any place to be on a Friday night, so I indulged in getting my sweat on after work.

Find the video I did here.

What I loved about this video was I didn't know what was coming next since it was my first time doing it.
I think our bodies get used to some videos since we anticipate the next moves.
This was a good change-up for me.
I liked the count down and some new moves.
Like many people have said, I do wish it had music!


Outdoor run

Here I am stretching and getting ready for my mid-morning run. 
I typically like to go running pretty early on Saturday's, but on this day I had a few things to do inside before heading out. 
I have my leggings, socks, coldgear top, sweatshirt, headband and gloves ready to go. 
I always stretch inside in the winter. 
I do all of my stretching, pop on my headband and gloves and head outside. 
This helps me keep warm until my run actually starts. 
When I come back, I stretch a little outside to cool down and then head inside to cool down some more. 


This is super rare...
I typically don't workout every single day. 
I don't think it's healthy for your body and usually there's something going on that requires me to skip a day. 
This week didn't turn out that way. 
With snow days and such, I've had more time to workout. 

I'm the type of person who just likes to move. 
I don't like watching TV. 
And I don't like lying on the couch. 
I feel like we don't move as much in the cold winter months, so to get in some more activity I went for a nice relaxed run. 

I came back and stretched a lot and then did some crunches.
30 regular crunches
30 side to side crunches
30 in and out crunches

A few winters ago I was training for a marathon and was following a training plan to a tee. 
I haven't signed up for a race since that marathon, and I'm not sure I will sign up for any anytime soon.
I simply love exercise. 
My body can't tolerate the greasy, yucky foods and I attest that to running for so many years.
In addition, I just don't feel right if I don't run. 
It clears my head and refreshes me. 
I'm one of those people who just runs. 
I don't listen to music or watch TV.
Like I said before, I really detest TV and hate the dreadmill.
I'd opt for layers and the outdoors any day over the treadmill. 

Enjoy your day!
I hope you get a little more movement in your day!


  1. I have that same Jillian DVD. After my first kid, she totally whipped me back into shape. Now a couple years later and another kid, I don't love her as much- I need someone who says nice things to me! Ha! Have you ever noticed that one girl cheating in the video when they move over to the next girl? It always cracks me up that you can totally see her not doing the exercise right on camera! :)

    1. Oh my goodness-YES! I always laugh at that part and then think "Why would they use that video?"!!

  2. I loved this post! I've been trying to fit workouts into my schedule at least 4 days a week and your post has given me a little extra motivation. I've never tried those workout DVDs, but I may have to try them out!