Monday, January 30, 2017

What To Do..With Clothes

What to Do...with Clothes?

Today I want to chat about what you guys do with clothes that you no longer love, have outgrown, are out of style or just want to get rid of?

When I was younger my mom used to have a yard sale every year.
That required staying up late pricing things and getting up early to get everything organized. 
I think it's the staying up late part that I despised, but I have no desire to ever have a yard sale. 
It seemed like so much unorganized work that I really cringe at yard sales. 

So, I'm trying to figure out what to do with my leftover clothes. 

Clothes Mentor

Sometimes I take my clothes to the nearest Clothes Mentor. 
If you don't have one, it's a resale store for women's clothing. 

Take your clothes in a laundry basket or tote. 
They rummage through them taking pieces they'd liked to buy. 
You can stay in store or leave and have them call you. 
This is a great option to get a little cost, but the problem I run into is that my clothes are too small. 

Particularly, they don't really accept size 0, so they tell me to take it to Plato's Closet, the teen resale, and there they tell me it's not the right style. 

I'm in a Catch 22. 
I can sell a few tops, which is nice, but this place isn't exactly close, so it's not too convenient. 


Encore is another retail store, but from what I understand it's like the older retail shops. 
Again, you take your items in a laundry basket/ tote or here they really love items hung on hangers. 
They look through them immediately and decide which pieces to choose. 
They price the items, and IF they sale, you get about 50% of the profit.

I think they keep the items for 3 months and after that they are donated if you don't go back and pick them up. 

People thought I would have more luck selling clothes here, but again, they told me the problem was most of them were too small.
This store isn't very convenient as well.


After not having the best luck with the resale stores, I searched online. 
Poshmark allows you to take pictures of your items and post them on their site. 
You list the original price and what you are selling it for. 
People can like your posts or ask questions. 
I haven't had much luck with it, but it's always an option.


If the quality of an item isn't good or I know it just won't sell, I will drop it off at our local Goodwill. 
It's quick, easy and convenient. 

So, I'm wondering what do you guys do with your clothes when you are done with them?
I'm fine with paying a price for something if I know I will use it over and over, but I hate to just throw something away.


  1. I tried Thredup and HATED it! I sent in over $300 worth of clothes and brand new shoes and got $12 for it all. The kids' clothes we usually give to friends with younger kids, and then Robert and I give to Goodwill. A friend of mine a few years back hosted a party and people brought clothes to swap. That's hard though if your friends and colleagues are very diverse in sizes.

  2. There is a consignment shop in my hometown, so I always just pile things up and then give them to my parents or bring them home whenever a visit is planned. Otherwise goodwill to goodwill they go!