Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Show and Tell: How to Save

Yesterday was the first day of Andrea's Show and Tell Tuesday for 2017.
I enjoyed this linkup SO much last year. 
I don't plan to normally post on Tuesday's; however, I will linkup from time to time with her.
Unfortunately, Monday was a super busy day, and I just didn't get my post completed. 

If you're interested, grab her graphic below, blog and linkup.

 Check out the new schedule and topics here!
The topics are just SO fun!

Today we're sharing

How we SAVE and what we SPLURGE On

When I saw this topic, I was so excited!
If you didn't see my post last Wednesday, I blogged about using coupons and saving here

So, to recap a little and add in some new. 
We save by:

Buying Off-Brand Items

We don't eat a lot of chips, but we really enjoy the off brand of tortilla chips and vegetable chips. 

Using Coupons

I enjoy printing coupons and scouring the local Sunday paper for coupons. 
I only cut/print what I know I will use. 
My mom on the other hand has so many coupons and none of them are organized or at least not in a fashion that would work for me. 
I guess I got the coupon gene honestly, but I'm very picky on which ones I use. 
I won't buy something just to use a coupon, but if I know I will use that item, even if it's months down the road, I will buy it. 
I love stocking up on paper towels, toilet paper, soap, deodorant, toothpaste, etc.

Using Saving Apps

I've been using Receipt Hog and the Walmart Savings App for over a year. 
Receipt Hog lets you earn money for receipts that you take a picture of and upload. 
The Savings App let's you earn $ for Walmart after comparing your recent receipt to other local stores. 

Dining In/Packing Our Lunches

I grew up rarely eating out. 
It was always a nice treat to go out for our birthday or a special event. 
We always just made dinner and enjoyed time around the dinner table eating dinner together every night. 
Thankfully, my husband enjoys that too. 
We're working on getting a menu system down, but we enjoy eating dinner and watching the news each night. 

In addition, we both eat breakfast at home and pack out lunches. 
Our grocery bill seems a bit high, but we make every meal ourselves!

Buying in Bulk or On Sale Items

We technically have three freezers in our home. 
One of those is a large deep freezer. 
I, too, grew up with all the meat you could ever want in your freezer. 
When I wanted ground beef, I walked to the freezer in the basement and got ground beef. 
Luckily, we scored my grandma's deep freezer. 
We store chicken, ground beef, butter, shredded cheese and bread in it. 
I love buying lots of things when they are on sale, and then using it as we go.
I seriously have no idea how I would ever live with only the freezer portion of a refrigerator/freezer. 

We splurge on:

Nice Furniture

Our house isn't large by any means, and I'd rather save for a nice piece of furniture that I will enjoy for a while than one that's not going to last very long.

Laundry Detergent

This is one of those things that I've been trying to figure out for a while. 
I've really struggled with the right laundry detergent. 
I used to buy what I could find coupons for; however, my clothes weren't staying clean. 
With running, my clothes need a good washing. 
I've opted for the Oxi Clean detergent. 
It's made my clothes stay smelling clean the longest. 


This might seem strange, but I basically refuse to eat waffles without this syrup. 
It's sold at like one store near us, but that must have been where my mom always shopped. 
I moved in after getting married and threw my waffles away after putting some random syrup that my husband had on them. 
We now have 2 kinds of syrup in our pantry! :)
And I rarely eat waffles anymore, but I can't spare not having my Golden Griddle.


I'm a big fan of oatmeal! 
I eat it probably 5 mornings a week. 
I know this probably isn't the most healthful kind, but I love Quaker Oatmeal.
I've tried off-brand, but it's just not as good!
Strawberry and Peach Quaker Oatmeal are my daily go-to's!

So, that's a little snapshot of our world.
I can't wait to read up on everyone else's list.
I seriously might read through every single person who linked up.
Have a great middle of the week! :)


  1. I'm a big believer in splurging on furniture because you want it to last as long as possible!

  2. My kids are the same about oatmeal- they have to have Quaker!

  3. You always want to splurge on furniture because you want the quality pieces that are going to last forever. I buy the cheap Kirkland brand for my detergent. It works for us. Love the ways of saving!

  4. I find these posts so interesting. Growing up, we didn't eat out much either, so I totally know where you are coming from. I think that's why I usually do meals at home myself!