Monday, March 13, 2017

Banana Republic Friends and Family Sale

Today is the last day for the Banana Republic Friends and Family Sale!
I love this sale each year. 
Recently, I've been saving up my Banana rewards. 
This past weekend I cashed in big time!

So, here's what I love about Banana. 
They have pants that FIT me!

The closest Banana store is nearly 2 hours away, so I don't go often, but when I do go, I shop big!

My favorite pair of jeans came from Banana, and unfortunately the die was transferring over to my purse and other clothes.
I did everything I could to savor those jeans, but I couldn't stand ruining anything else, so I shipped them back. 
Banana reimbursed me for my purse and my jeans. 
This isn't the first time that they've done that. 
I love how caring their customer service department is. 
They want their customers to be happy!!

So, I've been wearing nearly the same one pair of jeans over and over because they're really the only ones that fit. 

My problem is petite jeans are usually too short but fit around the waist. 
Regular jeans are usually the right length but don't fit around the waist. 

I've tried on nearly every jean from every store. 
They just don't fit. 

I've had jeans taken in, but most of the time they need taken in too much, so there's a bulky piece of fabric in the back that rubs against me.

So, my mission on Saturday was to find some new jeans and dress pants that fit!!

Within one hour I had these beauties in my bag and all for just over $100!

I hit the jackpot big time!
I know I could look around the store forever and try on every jean, so as soon as I found a few pieces and went to the dressing room I found the sweetest sales associate to help me. 

She searched and found all of these jeans in my size!!

We started with the initial dark denim color, and then I asked for others in the same size and she brought the black and light denim with the fringe, like below. 

I'm not typically a huge light denim person, so I asked for the dark denim and she looked high and low for them. 
They weren't where they were supposed to be, but she came back to my dressing room after finding them in a different location.  

I thought of only getting a few pairs, but I couldn't pass up the great 50% off 5 items sale. 
So, I got ALL 5!

Light pink, black, dark denim, dark denim with fringe, light denim with fringe
I was able to use 3 rewards that I had acquired and got everything for $107!

That's over $500 worth of pants for what one would normally cost. 

The dress pants just weren't working out. 
I really need petites in them, and this particular store doesn't usually carry petites, so I'm going to browse online to see if I can find the same ones. 

I did end up with a few tops...

The last top is the softest tee ever!
I was able to snag all of these for just under $30. 
They gave me the 50% off these items as well. 
Then, I had two rewards to use on top. 

I'm not sure if you are able to keep using the 50% off 5 items over and over. 
I've gotten more than one email a day about it, but perhaps it has the same code. 
Regardless, they allowed me to do it in store. 

Real soon, I'm going to try to see if my code will work online as well for some dress pants.
So, if your a Banana card member, go shop!
If I find out that my code will work over and over-I will post it for you to use!


  1. I love a good deal like that! And I'm picky about my jeans so I understand how you feel!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  2. Oh heart eyes for the pink pants!

  3. Wow those are great deals! There really is such a fun high that comes from saving so much money haha.

  4. You scored big time on pants. I wish I had seen this earlier so I could have bought more stuff. Ha.