Wednesday, March 1, 2017

March Goals

Happy March!

I cannot believe that it is already March. 
This winter really swept us by, and the intermittent nice weather really has been spoiling us lately.

Well, I'm back at it today with some goals for this month.
Looking at my calendar, this is going to be a busy month.
We have a lot of after-school meetings and things planned for the month.
In addition, I have some routine doctors appointments and am waiting for a sweet baby to grace our friends group. 

I have slacked a little with the goals lately. 
There wasn't really anything that I wanted/needed to accomplish, so I didn't make any. 

This month I have a few things on my list. 

1. Read MORE

I really feel like I fell off my wagon in February. 
I started out strong and then got occupied. 
In my classroom we have a 40 Book Challenge this year, so I need to get my game face back on. 
Any great book suggestions?
90% of my time is spent reading young adult lit because I read in the classroom, so any great recommendations are appreciated!

2. Plant all of my seeds

I am 3/4 way through with planting seeds. 
I might have jumped the gun a bit, but most of my seeds are in dirt and lots are sprouting. Hooray!
I want to make sure that everything is planted this month, so that the seeds have plenty of time to grow nice and strong before acclimating them to the outdoors.

3. Keep my skin healthy

I keep reading over and over how you only get one skin. 
So keep it HEALTHY!
Last month I got a facial, and I might even consider getting one this month. 
My Clarisonic officially died, so I'm considering buying a new one. 
I really think it helps with clearing up my pores, so in the time being I might opt for one more facial. 
I'm still considering getting a treatment done to my face come June. 
I feel anything to promote healthy skin is a plus.
I, also, ran out of my favorite makeup remover a while back. 
I've been using some makeup wipes that have been working pretty well. 
I know I can't go to bed at night without cleaning my face and using some sort of makeup remover.

4. Find a Lent bible study

Lent starts TODAY!
So, this needs to be quick. 
I love my Jesus Always devotion, but I want to be a bit more intentional with a Lent study. 
Yesterday I got an idea from Sarah to do the She Reads Truth One. 
Any other suggestions?

Well, there's my March. 
The grass is green, it's raining, windy and some flowers are blooming. 
I'm used to March with snow, but we will take it. 
Have a glorious first day of March!
New month, new you!


  1. Yes to the She Reads Truth study! I promise after you do it, you will never want to do another study for Lent! I also do the SRT advent study every year because they put out really solid studies. And my book club pick is the new Jodi Picoult book? I can't remember the name but some of the ladies said it was really good. I have yet to pick it up but it's next on my list.
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  2. Sarah definitely raves about the She Reads Truth - I don't think you can go wrong with that. I am trying to take better care of my skin, too. A facial sounds like a great way to help with that!

  3. These are all great goals! Taking care of my skin is something I need to do a better job of.

  4. For books, I just finished The Gates of Evangeline. Could not put it down.

  5. I love your March goals! With all of this snow, I'm ready to start planting some seeds in the house, just to get a feel of spring. And I'd recommend reading The Mistress, or It Ends With Us. Both were really good! :)

  6. We are reading A Long Walk to Water by Linda Sue Park for our Africa unit. It's such a great story! My kids' book club read Iqbal when we did the Middle East, and it's another one that the kids say every student should be forced to read because it's so good. My favorite YA as a kid was Squashed by Joan Bauer. I'm currently reading Laura Bush's autobiography.

  7. These are great goals especially keeping your skin healthy. I need to get better about that myself.

  8. I'm doing the She Reads Truth one this year!

  9. I need to up my skin care game too! Have you read any Mary Kay Andrews book? I love them!

  10. I need to get more cleanser for my face. I also want to start planting my garden. Love your March goals.