Friday, March 31, 2017

Friday Favorites: Spring Jackets

Happy Friday!
I'm so glad it's Friday! This has seemed like one looong week!
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Goodbye standardized testing!

The last few weeks we have hit it hard in the language arts classroom. 
We had two days of AIR testing that were 2 hours each. 
Then, this week we had STAR testing which was 30-40 minutes. 
My students are over testing, and I can't say that I blame them. 

We've had a lot of problems with our Chromebooks not connecting to the internet recently, so we had to opt to do our STAR testing in the regular lab. 
While I'm not a fan of that, I'm proud of the students for being open to change and overcoming the challenges. 

Now that testing is over and we still have two months of school left, we will do some more fun activities. 
Yes, we are still doing language arts work (the students always ask that after the tests are over), but I will toss in some more light-hearted work as well. 
We are finishing The Giver this week, and then we will watch the movie next week. 
After that we will start researching various topics for an argumentative essay and debate. 
Middle schoolers love to debate!!
I gave them a survey to find interest points and a topic that half of the class agrees with and half that the class disagrees with to determine which argumentative topic each class will get. 


I've had my eye on lots of cute jackets this week.
One of my co-workers has been pairing her super cute denim jacket with various tops.
Even one of my students had an olive green jacket on yesterday, and I so wanted to ask where she got it!
Sheaffer shared this super cute jacket earlier in the week.
I typically don't shop a lot at Old Navy because their clothes tend to be too big for me, but I love this jacket and its price-under $40!
It comes in 4 other colors.
I just wish I knew how close to size it was.

I'm in need of a new denim jacket.
I usually don't love the ones that hit mid-stomach.
So, I'm searching for one that's a bit longer.

If I didn't already have a military jacket, I would opt for this ruffle one.
I love the ruffle on it!
If only it came in navy or cream!!

Homemade Doughnuts

Yesterday I linked up with a Gal Named Al to share my childhood recipe of homemade doughnuts. 
My mom used to make these for us as a surprise on the weekends. 
My body can't stand much grease anymore, but I indulged last weekend. 
Find my simple recipe here
To see all of the recipes on this weeks linkup, click here.

Sarah Dessen Books

I'm not lying when I say you HAVE to read some of Sarah Dessen's books if you are a person who likes realistic fiction. 
I finished my fourth? book of hers earlier in the week. 
Just a few weeks ago I finished Saint Anything
Sydney's brother is caught doing numerous things that he shouldn't be, so he's sent away only to leave her with her parents who are constantly obsessing over everything she does. 
She decides to move schools and meets new "friends" that quickly help her to survive her new life at home. 
Just this week I finished What Happened to Goodbye
A teenage girl's parents divorce, only to leave her angry at her mother and living with her father, who moves from place to place for his work. 
At each new place she creates a new name and personality for herself so that she doesn't have to get close to people and feel badly when she has to move on. 
McClean risks it all at this new place with new neighbors and new friends. 
I want to read the rest of her books right now!
Too bad I'm behind on my science fiction and fantasy books in our class 40 Book Challenge or I would be reading nonstop Sarah Dessen. 

Mystery Meal Cafe

Last Saturday we had a great time as my aunt and uncle hosted the Mystery Meal Cafe.
We were welcomed with this menu to select our three course meal.

Here's a peak at my first meal.

This was such a fun evening with my family. 
We laughed and laughed as each person's meal came out. 
To check out the whole post, click here.

Well another week in the books.
Have the best weekend!


  1. I love the ruffle jacket! And yay for testing being done!

  2. I teach 6th graders, and apparently they basically do nothing after state testing in elementary school, so it's always tough to motivate the kids after our tests in May. Luckily my grade isn't tested for social studies, but the days we do test are sooo long and painful! Can't believe we're almost done for the year! Hope you have a fun and relaxing weekend!

  3. Oh man the testing was always brutal when I was in school. I was always glad when it was over.

  4. I'm glad the testing is over! I've been looking for a military jacket lately and I love that one!