Friday, March 24, 2017

Friday Favorites: Where Are You March?!

Hooray for Friday!
The last few Thursday's have been whirlwinds, so I'm glad to be back sharing my faves. 
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Two of my dearest friends had their first baby!
This is the first baby to our friend's group!!

I was so fortunate to get to sneak a peak at her and hold her when she was just barely 24 hours old!
I loved every second of it!
Tonight we're going over again to visit.
Can't wait to end my Friday with sweet little miss!

Banana Republic Friends and Family Sale

I hit the jackpot a couple weekends ago at the Banana Republic Friends and Family sale. 
I got 5 pairs of jeans that FIT me!!
It's so hard to find pants that fit, so I'm ecstatic when I do. 

Scalloped Dress


Stylish Petite shared this photo on Instagram earlier in the week.
I just love the classy, sleek look of this scalloped dress.
You can find the dress here.
It comes in 4 colors.
I love that it comes from Macy's.
A store that's actually within an hour of me.
I have some gift cards and I'm sure I can find a coupon, so I might actually invest in this simple, cute dress!

Chocolate Mint Cake

Last weekend I made this scrumptious chocolate mint cake found in Mix and Match Mama's bundt cakes book.

I made it for home and then one for work.
Everyone loved the hint of mint!!

Plant Update

These are the first seeds that I planted-Geraniums. 
I recently transplanted them into larger containers.

Here are some newer impatiens.

The weather is starting to break, and I'm looking forward to some warmer temperatures this weekend. 
Enjoy your day!


  1. That scalloped dress is adorable! I bought a scalloped swimsuit from Old Navy last year that I love. Mint + chocolate sounds fabulous right now- have a fun weekend!

  2. Yay for new babies! Always so much fun to see and snuggle those new little ones. That scalloped dress is SO cute-I love it!

  3. New babies are the best!!! So sweet and snuggly.