Wednesday, March 22, 2017


I got my first Clarisonic somewhere around 2010.
I went to my dermatologist for a regular checkup and stopped by their boutique on the way out. 
I think they were having some type of promotion, but I couldn't leave with the Clarisonic that day. 
They mailed it to me, and boy has that little machine worked great for the past 7 years!

I noticed a few months back that mine wasn't charging like normal.
I needed to charge it much more often than I used to.
One day it just wouldn't turn on.
It makes a sound, but it won't fully click over.
I've tried leaving it charged for days and still nothing.

The thing that I love about Clarisonic is how helpful their customer service department is.
I called to ask if there was anything else I could do to get mine to work again.
The gentleman I talked to was so courteous and walked me through some steps before determining that it must have just worn out.

I was very pleased with their service when he offered a coupon code to buy a new Clarisonic at a discounted price.
So, now I'm in the hunt for my new Clarisonic.
The old one I had they no longer manufacture, so I need to pick out a new one and choose fast.
My coupon code expires at the end of the month, so I'm weighing my options and hope to decide this week.

Mia 1

This cleanser seems like the closest to my old Clarisonic.
It has one speed and removes dirt and oil.

Mia 2

This cleanser has 2 speeds-delicate and normal.
It seems very similar to the Mia 1 except that it has 2 speeds instead of one.
While my skin can definitely feel fragile, I'm not sure that I really need the two speeds.
Usually if my skin was irritated, I would just skip the Clarisonic for a day.


The Mi FIT is sleeker, slimmer and has two speeds-delicate and powercleanse.
It seems similar to the Mia 1 and 2 except it seems like more of an updated model.
I'm not really sure that I need all of this.
It's not like I'm going to be caring it around places with me.
I buy it, place it in my bathroom and no one ever sees it.

Mia Smart Profile

This cleanser is a whole body one.
It has four speeds and will automatically adjust speeds depending on what type of skin you are on.
This machine sounds super smart, but I can't say that I would want to use my Clarisonic on my whole body.

For some reason my computer keeps freezing.
I wish I could show you some larger images of the products.
Do any of you have one of these newer models from Clarisonic?

I really wondered if it was worth the $.
I wasn't sure that I was going to replace mine, but honestly I can tell such a difference without it.
I love the smooth feeling of my skin when I use it, but even more I love how clear my pores are.
I can already see the buildup around my nose and my chin.
Even though this seems like a splurge, I think I'm going to save in the long run.

I've always had temperamental skin.
I spend so much time washing, moisturizing and treating my skin, yet some days I feel like you wouldn't even be able to tell that I do all of that.
I wish I was lucky enough to have perfect flawless skin, but I guess God didn't choose that for me.
So, I'm going to use the best products I can to help me out.

Please let me know your thoughts on any products by Clarisonic.
I'm guessing I will go with Mia 1 or Mia 2.


  1. I had the MIA 1 several years ago and didn't see a huge difference in my skin. (I had cystic acne at the time.) I still have mine but don't use it any more. In the past year, I discovered the Pixi by Petra makeup and skincare line available at Target, and it has been a game changer for me. I use their glow tonic toner, mud cleanser, and beauty sleep cream, and I feel so much more confident in my skin than I did 5 years ago. If I had to pick one, I'd get just the basic MIA 1.

  2. I believe I have the Mia 1, and it's always been enough for me. I can't imagine needing more than one speed either. Good luck! :)

  3. I've always been curious about these products and have been too nervous to try them. I may have to try.