Friday, May 26, 2017

Friday Favorites: Gel Polish, Advancement Courses, Baby Coyote!

Happy Almost Summer!
It's my last day!!
Yesterday was the students' last day and today we teachers get to pack up and prepare for a big summer's nap!
As always, I'm linking up with ErikaNarci and Andrea
We're sharing our favorites from the week.
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Gel Polish

On Monday I shared all about Gel Polish. 
I enjoy going to get my nails done, but I love to do them myself. 

CND Shellac is my favorite brand. 
I recently ordered some new colors online. 
They arrived yesterday! 

It's hard to choose nail colors online, but I was very pleased with my choices.
Some of them even had shimmer, and I hadn't expected that!
Shimmer makes everything better!
To read all about doing your own gel manicures, click here


On Tuesday I liked up with Andrea from Momfessionals for a little Show and Tell!
We shared our best and worst vacations.

The countdown is on until we return to our BEST vacation spot. 

Marathon, Florida is a beautiful, relaxed spot in the Keys!
To read all about our first trip there and some highlights of our trip, click here.

Advancement Courses

I'm in the process of taking some online professional development courses.
We get little pamphlets from Advancement Courses from time to time. 
Luckily in the early winter one of my co-workers made the comment that some of the classes looked interesting. 
I pulled the pamphlet out of the recycling bin and found two that I wanted to take. 

Recently I just finished the poverty course. 
I'm currently still working on a class about reaching gifted students. 

If you're a teacher and looking for relatively easy and cheap graduate classes, go to Advancement Courses
Right now they are having a 15% off sale until June 2.
These courses are the cheapest that I've found. 

I plan to add one more to my to-do list over the summer. 
Here are the list of courses I have marked that I'd like to complete at some time:
  1. Building Meaningful Partnerships: Connecting Schools, Families and Communities
  2. Essential Teaching Practices for the 21st Century Teacher
  3. Achieving a Work-Life Balance in Teaching
  4. The Teenage Brain: How it Works
  5. Integrating Common Core Literacy Across Subjects
  6. Read Out! Building Students' Literacy and Love of Reading Through Read Alouds
  7. Writing Well or Good Writing? An Educator's Guide to Teaching Grammar
  8. Sustained Silent Reading
What are your top three choices?
I teach 8th grade language arts, so I'm trying to pick classes that relate somewhat to that. 


Last weekend we celebrated a friend's wedding at a local winery. 

Look how cute their favor was...
A wine glass with an airplane. 
The husband is a pilot in his spare time, and they love to take trips flying here and there.

How cute is their little tie on...

Baby Coyote

This is NOT one of my favorites from the week, but I had to mention it. 

On Monday I got a text from my husband saying he found a dog. 

With a quick glance at the picture I could tell it was NOT a dog.
 I confirmed it with my coworker to make sure I wasn't going crazy!

Lying alongside the road this little guy was found. 
Of course my husband would put him in the back of his work truck and bring him home. 

Thankfully he quickly found someone to take the coyote pup and nurse him back to health. 

Summer vacation has started!!
It's hard to believe that another year has passed.
Year number 5 is under my belt, and wow does it make me feel old!
I hope you enjoy this long weekend, and maybe it's even the start of summer for you too!
Have a great day!!!


  1. Yay for summer - so jealous! :) Love that wedding favor - super cute and meaningful! And useful!

  2. Happy last day! We have one more week, and it's dragging on forever! Hope you get a lot of rest this summer and are recharged for year 6!

  3. I started doing my own gel nails a couple years ago, and I love it. Much cheaper! I use CND too but need to get more colors because I swear I wear the same five. Which colors have the shimmer in them?

    1. The two I have pictured in this post both have shimmer. The first one is Ecstasy, which has a pinkish purple shimmer. The second one is Jelly Bracelet, which is more of an orangish coral. I also got Sparks Fly, which is a bit lighter than the Jelly Bracelet and has a lot more silver sparkles. I haven't tried any of them yet, but I plan to this weekend!

  4. Oh my goodness that baby coyote is too much!!