Monday, May 15, 2017

Snacks: Granola Bars

In the summer I never really catch myself snacking too much. 
I'm too busy doing this or that or I guess I can grab an apple or some grapes and be on my way. 
During the school year I always find myself hungry after I get to school. 
I eat breakfast around 5 daily. 
I try to be quick because I want to get to school early and get my stuff done, but perhaps I should be eating a bit more. 

I usually have an egg over medium and some juice. 
Some days I will add in a banana or toast with peanut butter. 
Other days I will have a packet of oatmeal and some milk. 

What I find is that sometimes by 7 am I'm hungry, and definitely by 10 am I'm starving!
This year I've tried to add some more healthful and whole snacks to my daily consumption. 
Some days I have an apple, some days cheese and crackers, sometimes a cheese stick. 
It all just depends on what we have when I'm packing my lunch. 

So, I've been on the hunt to find a healthful granola bar. 

When I was younger we always had the Chewy bars. 
I like these, and they're still only 100 calories, but I felt like I should be eating something better. 

For a while I was buying the off brand from Walmart or our local grocery stores, but then I realized all that I'm eating is junk. 

So, I kind have accidentally started eating these Clif Kid bars. 

I actually bought them for Halloween to give out as a more healthful treat, but we weren't able to be home to pass out treats, so no one got them. 
I left them in the pantry for a while and then decided I would see what they tasted like. 
I really really like these!
They were tasty, but I felt like they were more to eat before I workout, and I'm the type of person who doesn't consume something right before they workout. 
I base my whole diet for the day around the fact  that I should be able to go home and workout any day. 
Now, if I'm going to run 17 miles, sure I'll eat something.
But on a regular basis I workout and don't eat right before it. 

So I stumbled on these Nature Valley Protein bars. 
The hard thing about me and any granola bar is that I don't like nuts. 
I hate things in my teeth, and I just don't like them. 
So, this one is Peanut Butter Dark Chocolate.
I like peanut butter and dark chocolate, so that made the nuts (which there aren't too many) bearable. 
Again, this one is 190 calories, and I felt like it was too much. 

I asked my health nurse at school, and I really stumped her because everything she was going to suggest was based around nuts. Yuck!

She suggested I try out the Zing bars. 
Unfortunately, they don't sell them around me, so I ordered them online. 
You get a reduced rate if you buy $75 worth, so I ordered in bulk and tried them out. 
The cool thing about this company is they put you on automatic renewal and send out an email ahead of time. 
I still haven't finished my 3 boxes from April, so I deleted my shipment for May. 

 These have 200-210 calories, but they are all natural. 
They are filled with good carbs, fibers and protein.

 I tried out three kinds. 
1-Dark Chocolate Mint
 This is probably my favorite. 
It has the zing of mint and reminds me of a peppermint patty or Girl Scout thin mints. 

2-Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip
 This would be my second favorite. 
It tastes like peanut butter and chocolate chips!!

3-Oatmeal Chocolate Chip
I love oatmeal and chocolate chips, but for some reason I didn't like this one. 
I've only actually had it once, but I'm that person who if they eat something they don't like will try to avoid ever having it again. 

Now, I will say these bars to taste a bit gritty, but I try to remind myself that they are BETTER for me!
I have noticed they keep me fuller longer. 
Sometimes I don't even eat the full bar. 

So those are my top 5 bars I've been enjoying lately. 
What bars do you guys like?
I know some people make their own. 
I've never tried that, but I'm curious if anyone has. 
The key to eating for me is moderation. 
I wan't something yummy and healthful.
I will keep looking, but for now I have those bars on rotation for my snacks.  


  1. Love this post! I need to try those zing bars! The dark chocolate mint and peanut butter chocolate chip sound so good!

  2. Yum!! I love granola bars, they are one of my favorite snacks.

  3. I love trying different granola bars. Plus my kids like them too. I can't wait to try the zing bars!

  4. I eat ThinkThin protein and fiber bars but only the ones with real sugar. The fake sugars make me sick to my stomach. I eat one cold with a spinach salad each day for lunch.