Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Show and Tell: Travelogues

It's another Tuesday and another Show and Tell!

Today we're talking about our best and worst trips. 
I love traveling, so any place I get to go, I typically really enjoy. 
With that being said, today I'm sharing one of my favorite trips. 

Our Wedding in Marathon, Florida

I had never been to Marathon before our wedding. 
I actually hadn't even heard of it. 
Alex and I decided we wanted to have a beach wedding. 
I really envisioned a wedding beside blue water, so I got to researching where had blue water and stumbled upon Marathon. 

It was a simple computerized sketch online that drew me in. 
It was actually the very FIRST venue that I saw online. 
The venue was scheduled to open by January 2016, so the grounds weren't even finished for me to see exactly what it would look like.

We decided to live on the edge and book our venue. 
After researching A LOT online we found everything that we wanted. 

My mom, aunt and I fly out on a Wednesday morning. 
At the same time my dad and uncle left by car. 
They would drive my wedding dress over 1,000 miles to Marathon in ONE day!

We raced to the Hyatt Place
We loved the Courtyard (our wedding venue) and everyone was so courteous to us leading up to the big day, but there was a bit of a price gap, and since they were literally right next door we decided to stay at the Hyatt Place for the weekend. 

This place included spacious rooms, a continental breakfast and two pools. 
On top of that it had a restaurant, bar, pier and lighthouse out back. 

This was Pool #1 right outside of the hotel. 
This is where we hosted our after-rehearsal poolside get together. 
We ordered pizza, had drinks and passed out our welcome bags here. 

This is pool #2. 
The picture is looking out from the bar onto the pool and towards the lighthouse. 

It even had an outdoor chessboard. 

Alex arrived with friends on Thursday night. 
Well, by the time they got to the hotel it was more like 1 or 2 or 3 a.m.
We were outside playing chess, and it was HOT!
Like nearly 90 degrees when we should have been sleeping but instead were sweating to death outside. 

If you visit Marathon there are a couple of places that we really loved. 
One place was the Sunset Grille and Raw Bar. 
You can sit inside or outside. 
It's right on the ocean and even has a pool. 
The atmosphere is light and fun. 
You can ride in on your boat or by car and you get to see the 7 mile bridge while eating. 

Another place that Alex and the crew loved was the public beach-Sombrero Beach. 
There are so many beaches, but they had a great time swimming and playing football while I twiddled my thumbs so as to not get a sunburn and ruin our pictures!

The venue- Courtyard Marriott Marathon was amazing to us!
We were the first couple to get married, and they worked themselves to death. 

This is a look at the hotel from the front. 

This is the pool area. 

This is where we got married!

I hadn't ever been to the Keys before, so if you have the chance to go, I would. 
While I loved our wedding, I can't say I loved Key West itself. 
I'm not much of a drinker; I'd rather lounge by the beach or pool.

So, the time I had the least fun was while we were in Key West itself.
I will say they do have the biggest and best Key Lime Pie. 
Try some while you're there!
 But I love adventures and enjoying new cities, so the whole trip was a blast!

Traveling has been on my agenda for a year and a half.
My plan after obtaining my master's was to travel travel!
Now it's a bit hard since I'm a teacher, but I make the most of my summers.
So excited to read everyone's favorite trips and get some ideas for years to come!


  1. My family lives in Florida and I have never heard of Marathon either! I'm intrigued and going to look it up haha. :)

  2. Your wedding was stunning! I can't wait to hear about your upcoming travels- happy last week of school!

  3. Oh I love this post so much! We got married in Florida too in a little city called Seacrest we'd never been to either. Pictures of beachy resorts online are very believable though and hard to fudge. :) What a gorgeous, gorgeous wedding!! Thanks for sharing this walk down memory lane. :)