Monday, May 1, 2017

Weekend Finds

This past weekend my mom and I went on a little impromptu shopping trip. 
My mom is going on a cruise  in a couple weeks and needed a new swimsuit. 

She had something to return to Old Navy, so we stopped by there first. 
I haven't been to Old Navy in probably 10-15 years. 
The store was so crowded, and I just felt the setup of the store didn't do it any favors. 
The dressing room line was backed up right smack dab in the the middle of the store and everyone was running into everyone else. 

The one thing I did like was they had a Quick Change area that just had a curtain that you pull. 
I had a romper and two little dresses and quickly tried them on in there. 

I really did like this romper. I thought it would be a good swimsuit cover-up.

This dress was even cuter in person. Super lightweight and airy. 

But I opted to just put everything back and we headed out. 

We went to Macy's, and they were having some great sales!
My mom found a suit! 
It was the first one she even tried on!

We then headed to the shoe department. 
I've been looking for a few different types of shoes. 
One is a slide-in casual shoe. 
I have a pair that has gold sparkles/glitter on the side, but I wanted something that would go more with everything. 

The first shoe I saw was this

They come in 8 other colors and are originally $49.
With the promo code FRIEND
you can get them for $34.30!

I tried them on in a seven, but they were too big. 
I wanted to try a 6.5, which I never wear, but they were sold out. 
So, I plan to order them online. 
I'm debating between this tan color and the lighter latte.

Next I found these ankle shooties in black and gray. 
I thought I wanted black, but they didn't have my size, so I tried on the gray in a 7. 
They're originally $69.50 and on sale for $59.99
With promo code FRIEND you get them for $41.99!

The only thing that bothered me about them was the back piece by the heel. 
On one of the shoes it had a rough piece of material that kept scraping my heel. 
The left shoe had it, but the right one didn't.
I thought it was the zipper in the back, but it wasn't. 
I opted to pass and might order them online. 

Lucky Baley Perforated Chop Out Booties

These shoes come in 3 other colors. 
They're $129 originally, but use the promo code FRIEND and get them for $90.30
I purchased these in a 7. 
I've had my eye on them for a while now, and this is the cheapest price that I've seen them for!

Here are some other Lucky brand shoes that I love as well...
Now $90.30

This shoe comes in 4 other colors.
Now $97.30

From there I stopped at the fragrance counter to grab some more perfume. 
With promo FRIEND you get 10% off fragrances. 
I ran out of my perfume a week or two ago. 
So, I've been using all samples and old perfume that I could find. 

I decided to buy Si by Giorgio Armani again. 
I grabbed it last June just before our wedding. 
I like to get the travel size ones, so that I can get new perfume more often, if I'd like. 
I hate clutter and having a bunch of different things laying around. 
I'd rather use one or two perfumes, finish them off and then try a new one instead of having 5 at one time. 

So, it's Sunday morning, and I'm off to decide what new tops I'd like to order. 
I have a bunch tabs open on my phone and would like to get them taken care of. 
Hopefully by the time you are reading this I have made a decision.
I'll let you know later in the week what I opt for, and I'll be making my final decision on my Athleta suit bottoms soon!


  1. Those Ralph slip-ons are cute! I have that Old Navy dress in a different print and love it. I'm able to wear it year round with different shoes and accessories. ON is easier on my anxiety level when I go first thing in the morning- it gets a little cluttered throughout the day.

  2. I love those Ralph Lauren slide in shoes!!! Checking them out for myself right now! I have the same Lucky booties you purchased and they are seriously a fave of mine :)

  3. I have that dress! It's so comfortable and flowy. Perfect for summer. :)