Friday, May 12, 2017

Friday Favorites: Linkups, Recent Finds, Mother's Day Spa Evening

Hey, hey Friday!
Thankfully this has been a fast week, and that's just what the teachers around here are needing!
As always, I'm linking up with ErikaNarci and Andrea
We're sharing our favorites from the week.
Grab their graphic and linkup with your favorites from the week, too.

Recent Finds

On Monday I shared my Weekend Finds, again.
They included a whole lot of hair products, some sunscreen, shoes and earrings.

There was new curly hair care products.

And an old wavy favorite. 

There were some cute new heels

And some new dangle earrings. 

To see all of my finds, check out my Weekend Finds post here.


This week was busy with linkups.
On Tuesday I blogged with Andrea for Show and Tell about a trip down memory lane.

I shared toys and shows that I played with/watched when I was younger.

There were cash registers


Legends of the Hidden Temple

and Double Dare 2000!
If you're interested in taking a trip down my memory lane in the 90's, click here to read all about it.

And then on Wednesday I joined Shay and Erika (who is a bit busy right now in China :)
to share how we're workin' it with preparing for summer vacations!

This summer Erika has planned our cruise. 
In addition, I shared some tips that I use before we go on any trip like shop ahead of time, make checklists, book excursions early, etc.

Last year at this time I was putting the final touches on our destination wedding over 1,000 miles away. 
I'm a planner at heart and love being prepared, especially for vacations!
To read all about my trip tips, click here

End of Testing

This is every teacher's dream!
This week we finished the LAST day of testing for the YEAR!
We had 6 days of testing: 2 language arts, 2 math, 2 science
We spent about 9.5 hours walking up and down rows of students watching them work their hearts out!

You can imagine this image but with a student typing on a Chromebook.
I hated saying "You have 10 minutes remaining" and watching students' faces as they finished up the tests!


Alex was away for work this week, so I tried to get ahead on a few things. 

Freeze Meals
I browned ground beef and made taco meat. 
I sealed them up in freezer bags and will have them for a later date. 

Organize Winter Clothes
I got more container totes to put my winter clothes in. 
This is my first year having to put all of my clothes away from season to season. 
My closet now is much smaller than my older closet, so I need to store more things in the attic for the summer. 
I tried to put my winter clothes away last weekend, but they just didn't fit. 
This week I got more totes and am in the process of getting everything organized and labeled. 

Wash Down Front Porch
I was able to wash down our front porch earlier in the week. 
I always wipe down the back porch, which is much bigger and takes a long time. 
This week I decided to break up the tasks and get a jump start on the front porch. 
Last summer we power washed the house, and I've already cleaned our windows a couple of times, so I don't think we will power wash it again. 

Mother's Day Spa Evening

Last evening my mom and I spent some time together at the SPA!
Mother's Day is this Sunday, and it also happens to be Alex's birthday.
Since Alex has been gone all week, I decided it would be better if we got to hang out on Sunday for his birthday, so I moved Mother's Day up a bit.

My mom is going on a cruise next week.
This is her first cruise, so I wanted her hands and feet to be all prepped and ready to go for the sun, sand and water.

We spent the evening at the same place where we went for her Christmas gift.

A little reflexology

before mani's and pedi's!

This week seemed to fly by.
I'm so ready for a relaxing weekend at home!

If you are a mom, Happy Early Mother's Day to you!
I hope you are treated like a queen, as I'm sure you deserve it!
Next week I'm eyeing the 80's here, which sure beats the 30's we had earlier this week. 
Have a great weekend!


  1. Those earrings are cute! And how fun for you and your Mom to go to the Spa! Fun idea! Have a great weekend!

  2. I'm hoping for a spa day soon! I desperately need it, and hallelujah for testing being done! Happy birthday to your husband- hope you had a fun weekend!