Friday, May 19, 2017

Friday Favorites: ONE MORE WEEK+ The Perfect Palette!

It's my last Friday with students!!
Now, I love my students dearly, but they are just done.
D. O. N. E.
So, we are going to celebrate this last Friday and look forward to our few days next week and then summertime!!
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Teacher Appreciation Treats

This technically isn't from this week, but I kept forgetting to post it as one of my favorites. 
This is actually from two weeks ago!
Our student council gave each of the teachers a little treat each day during Teacher Appreciation Week. 
I'm really not sure when that week was. 
One place I read said last week and another the week before that. 
Anyway, we celebrated at school the week of  May 1-5.

One day we got "You're all that and a bag of chips!"

Another day we got "We donut we would do without you" and a bag of some donuts. 

On another day we got some chap-stick with "My teacher is the 'Balm'!"

Another time we got a thank you card.
It was so sweet to receive little gifts like this!


This week I linked up with Allie from A Gal Named Al on two different days.
On Tuesday I shared some shorter yet great workout videos.

 The 20 Minute Bikini HIIT Workout
The 5 Minutes Standing Flat Belly Workout

And then yesterday I shared what I've been cooking recently, which is Rhubarb.

Great American Mail Race

 Have you guys ever heard of The Great American Mail Race?

It's a little procedure where one school has their students fill out a survey/questionnaire about their school and community, each student writes a letter to a school in another state, and then they mail their items to that other school. 
Earlier in the year we received a letter from a student in Nebraska. 

A couple weeks ago we participated and my students wrote their own letters to students all across the country. 
The students were very questionable on if we would even receive any responses since school would be out in less than a month at the time that I sent the letters. 

At first I received some letters back that couldn't be delivered! Ahh!
Then, we finally got some replies. 
So far Idaho, Oklahoma and D.C. are on my favorites list!
I'm anxious to see if we receive any more!!

Granola Bars

On Monday I shared some of my favorite granola bars. 
I've been on the hunt for more healthful granola bar options. 

I'm still looking for some, but I've found one brad that does hold me over for longer. 
Zing Bars can easily be ordered online, and there are so many flavors. 
To find out more about them head on over to my post from Monday.

The Perfect Palette

If I had to guess I would say that last year when I was planning our wedding I started following 
It has a TON of wedding inspiration and ideas. 
There's a website, and I follow on Instagram. 
Earlier in the week I was scrolling through, not looking as intently since I'm no longer planning a wedding and something caught my eye. 

Often they feature wedding ceremonies and receptions. 
On this particular morning, it was about 4:15 while I was drying my hair I saw a local barn venue. 
I've actually been to a wedding at this quaint little barn.
Now I live in a pretty small area, so I was so shocked to see that something close to home would make it on this Instagram post where they have nearly 100,000 followers. 

Here is the picture that I saw. 

And some more images to make you smile

If you'd like to see the whole post, click here

This weekend starts our wedding weekends. 
This weekend we have one wedding at a local winery, and then the following weekend we have another wedding for one of my best friends at the same winery!
Have a great weekend!
One more week left of school...who's counting?!!


  1. The countdown for summer break is on! Wahoo! I hope your last week goes smoothly! Enjoy your weekend!

  2. So jealous- I still have 2 weeks! We got some awesome appreciation gifts from PTA this year- a catered luncheon from a favorite Mexican restaurant, breakfast one morning, smoothies, and a bundt from Nothing Bundt Cakes. No need to count calories this week- ha! Have a great weekend!

  3. Yay for summertime!!!! :) I think there comes a point where everyone is just done.