Monday, May 8, 2017

Weekend Finds: Ulta, Macy's, Accessory Concierge

Hey guys!
Happy Monday!
It was a chilly and somewhat rainy weekend here, but I enjoyed it nonetheless.

Friday started off strong by celebrating my dad's birthday. 
We had a family dinner out together, and then Alex and I came home. 
We stopped by a friend's baseball game, but I left early as it was freezing!
I never NEVER walk/run on the treadmill, but I really felt like I wanted to move more, and we had just got done eating, so I walked a bit on the treadmill. 
Fortunately, I was interrupted by a call from my aunt and uncle, who I don't get to see or talk to much. 
We chatted for a bit, and I ended my night reading Divergent

On Saturday I was able to do my Jillian Michaels workout video, and then I got ready to run some errands. 
I stopped by our brand new Ulta store. 
Do you guys shop Ulta?
I never have, but I thought I would check it out, and there were some items on my list to get that I wanted to see if they might have!

My aunt it the best beautician, but she doesn't always allow me to buy my own hair products from her, so I just recently got a few products and needed some more. 
The first area on my list was the hair care. 
My FAVORITE hair gel that I've mentioned before Curly Sexy Hair Liquid Curling Gel has been discontinued. 
I checked Amazon, and a 8.5 oz. bottle was going for $99!
I'm so crushed that it's gone, but I'm looking for new curling gel. 
I'll share what I've been trying out soon. 

My latest curly gel that I found this weekend is Curly Sexy Hair Curl Power Spray Foam
It's currently Buy 1, Get 1 50%. 
I wish I had known that in the store!

Now, I just used it yesterday morning before church, and I thought you would spray the foam in your hands first, but no you spray it directly on your hair and scrunch. 
I wasn't sure that I had enough, but it turned out well. 
And my aunt even complimented me on my hair. 
I failed to tell her it was a product she didn't get me! Boo!

Next on my list were two repeat products that I love for summertime. 

This one is Buy 1, Get 1 50%. 
Now, I'm really wondering if this promotion wasn't going on in store?!

This is my favorite thing to spray in my hair after showering from a day at the pool or beach. 
It gives beachy waves and smells so good!

After putting on the Soy Renewal Beach Spray I use Paul Mitchell's Sculpting Foam

It's a foam that you spray in your hands and scrunch your hair with. 
I either use my diffuser afterwards or I let my hair dry on its own. 
These last two are my go-to products in the summer. 
I needed to stock up because summer is right around the corner! Hooray!

The product that I grabbed at Ulta was a powder sunscreen. 
I've had a list of powder sunscreens on my list.
Ulta had two available. 
One was a Bare Minerals foundation that includes 20 SPF. 
20 SPF just isn't enough for me. 

So, I went with the Peter Thomas Roth SPF


I haven't tried it out yet, but you are supposed to just twist and pull the bottom down and be ready to go. 
I hate the oily, creamy sunscreens especially when I have a days worth of makeup on, come home and want to run. 
I hope to try this out this week and report back on how it works. 

Yesterday was Macy's last day of their Friends and Family sale. 

I indulged a bit in sandals. 
Now, I'm really not sure I will love the color or fit of them.
So, both of them might go back. 

The Vince Camuto Lidie Perforated Peep-Toe Sandals come in black and a smoke color. 
I opted for the black and will see how they fit. 

The Vince Camuto Eldora Dress Sandal comes in black in taupe. 
I opted for the taupe. 
I have two weddings coming up and would like to see if either shoes will work with the dresses I have picked out to wear.

I was done blogging, but then I got the Accessory Concierge email about 30% when you use the code MOM.
I've had my eye on some earrings, but I wanted to wait for a sale.

I've been loving these Cabana Drop earrings.
They come in 7 other colors than what I have shown!!
I really wanted this sorbet ombre color, but they were sold out.

It actually made choosing easier for me.
I went with the grey ombre instead.

These Tassel Stack Drop earrings are super cute too.
When I saw both earrings, I initially wanted both of them in the pink color, but since the above ones were sold out, it made choosing for these ones easier.
I thought I was going to choose the blue, but since the above pink was sold out, I went with the pink here.

There are four more color combos.

So those were my weekend finds. 
Well, actually I ordered some other jewelry on Friday night. 
I can't wait to show you when they come in. 
I'm still on the lookout for a cardigan that will go with a navy dress. 
Any insight is greatly appreciated!
Have a great Monday!


  1. I am going to have to try out the sexy hair products. With summer, I usually style my hair differently, and these look like they will be fun to try. Thanks! :)

  2. I love the sexy hair products! They are really good and affordable.

  3. I love Ulta- have been going there since I was in middle school! Get on their list so you can use the $3.50 off coupons when you go. They run a lot of great deals, and I've been able to pick up awesome brushes and makeup on BOGO sales. You also get a trial size makeup during your birthday month which is nice.

  4. I love all the earrings you posted. So beautiful!