Friday, December 30, 2016

Friday Favorites: That's It 2016

It's the final Friday Favorites of 2016.
Thanks so much to Erika, Narci and Andrea for hosting this linkup throughout the year!

The after Christmas deals sure were hard to beat. 
If you have a 
or Target 
in your area, check out the deals!
I love grabbing wrapping paper and ribbon that's on sale! 
I stock up for the next year and then are set when it's time to wrap!

 I received my first Life Planner yesterday!
I haven't had a chance to get it all situated, but I will be doing that over the next few days!
 Any Oklahoma people out there?
My cousin just accepted a job in Oklahoma and we're looking for any tips about Oklahoma City or good places to live!

First off I want to thank those of you who stop by this little place of space that I call my blog. 
I've been a blog connosieur for years. 
I would jump from post to post, mostly never leaving a comment. 
Then, one day I thought, "you should try it yourself."
I spent all last winter on snow days and 2-hour delays creating my own blog-design and all. 
It's not fancy or perfect, but it's my own little space. 
I was a doubting Thomas for a while and thought no one would ever read it, but I buckled down and started posting this past fall. 
I've learned a lot about blogging, life and met some great blog friends. 
With that I'm looking into updating my site a bit. 
First off, I'm looking into adopting a new design that's less sporadic and not created by myself. 
In addition, I'm planning on only blogging on Monday's, Wednesday's, and Friday's. 
I used to love to scrapbook, but it took so much time that I got away from it. 
I don't want this to turn into that. 
There have been times that I've skipped out on other fun experiences because I needed to make my blog post for the next day. 
I'm nixing that in 2016. 
I work full time throughout the school year and have a husband.
I don't want to be staying up super late or missing out on nightly walks or evenings out with my husband. 
So, I'm cutting back on my blogging days. 
If there's a linkup that I love and can work on it ahead of time, I may participate. 
Otherwise, I will probably just blog on 3 days. 
It's a great way to meet new people, get new ideas and share life, but I don't want it to get out of control. 
Come back next week for hopefully a new design and a fresh outlook on 2017!


  1. How exciting for a new blog design. I also load up on wrapping supplies this time of year as well. It is so nice to get a head start, but to also know that everything is there and ready to go when I am. I shop throughout the year, but I hope to start wrapping throughout the year as well. Have a Happy New Year!

  2. I lived in Tulsa for a while, and my favorite restaurant in Oklahoma is the Hideaway Pizza (pretty sure there's one in OKC). Happy New Year!

  3. I scored a 3 foot pre-lit Christmas tree at Walmart for only $10!! I was super excited. I want to put it on our porch next year. I love the honesty about blogging. It can consume you, if you let it. I've been there. And because I didn't keep myself in check, I ended up stepping away from it for an entire year. I work full time too, and I can't do things as promptly or respond as quickly as I'd like. And I definitely can't keep up with more than 2 or 3 posts a week. My goal this year is only two per week. I'm doing it for my own sanity! I need sleep and you can't blog about life if you're not living it!! Happy New Year!!!

  4. Love the after Christmas sales too! Love reading your blog and discovering new ones! I hope you have a Happy New Year!