Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Google Forms

Today is Teacher Talk
If you're a teacher or someone who likes to survey a bunch of people, this post is for you!

Google Forms is the quickest and easiest way to take a poll of a mass group of people. 

Go to
Click the Google Apps icon, which is 9 square boxes. 
Simply look for this icon.

You might have to select "Even More From Google"
Then, find the icon above and you can create and customize any survey that you wish. 

I recently made one to give to all of my classes to determine literature circle groups. 
This survey took me 10 minutes. 

After clicking on the Google Forms icon, you will want to look for this little toolbar to the right. 

The 1st icon stands for adding a question. 
You can make short answer, multiple choice, drop down, checkbox and many more options. 

The 2nd icon allows you to add a title. 

The 3rd icon allows you to add a picture. 

The 4th icon allows you to add a video. 

The last icon allows you to add a section. 

Creating a survey will look like the screen below. 
 You can change the theme or color of the survey by clicking on the little color palette at the top right. 

When you are all finished, you need to copy the URL and have it available to your mass group of people or you can email the survey to people. 
I like to put my surveys on my class website or on Google Classroom (more on that on another day). 

After everyone has taken your survey, you can click on Responses. 

From there you have the option to create a spreadsheet. 
The spreadsheet will look like the screen below.  

You then can add other tabs. 
So, for on this survey I used it for all four of my classes, but I wanted to separate the results out by class. 
I simply duplicated the page onto other tabs by clicking on the down arrow on that tab and selecting "Duplicate".

I now have four different tabs with each of my classes information. 

I use Google Forms all of the time. 

I give an end of the year survey, I use it for students to determine which literature circle book they want to read, I use it for class rewards, I use it for quizzes and big projects and the this could go on and on!

My students probably hate Google Forms by the time they leave my class, but it's just so easy and user friendly that I love it. 


  1. Thanks for sharing this! I really wish I was better when it comes to technology.

  2. Thank you for this! I'm going to take a Google workshop this summer to try and implement more Google tools into my classroom next year.