Monday, April 24, 2017

Weekly Schedule

For some reason I find it fun to read about other people's schedules. 
What people do on a regular basis is intriguing to me (and I hope to you!). 
So, today I've decided to share with you some of the things I do on a weekly basis.

I'm going to start on Thursday and work through until the following Wednesday. 
For some reason I feel like that's how my schedule around the house goes.

Thing #1
Grocery Shop

I used to like to go grocery shopping on the weekends because it was most convenient. 
What I've found though is that is when the stores are most busy, which I don't love. 
So now, I like to go on Thursdays. 
The stores don't seem to be as busy, and I don't have to waste time on the weekend going to the store.

I go to three different grocery stores each week.
I love to go to Aldi's for fresh fruits and vegetables and some other items that I don't mind not getting name brand items.
There's one particular local grocery store that I like getting yogurt and some other items at.
Another local grocery store is where we like our lunch meat and cheese from.
These three stores aren't in the same town, but they aren't too far away.

Thing #2
Wash Work Clothes

Monday through Thursday I wear dress pants and dress clothes to work. 
I love to dress up, and I think it looks more professional when teachers actually dress up, so I really do enjoy this part of the week. 
On Thursday night I know I'm done with dressing up for the week unless we go out to dinner where I normally don't wear dress pants anyway, so I try to wash my dress clothes on Thursday nights. 
Sometimes I hang them on our clothes line in the basement, and other times I throw them in the washer. 
Most times I don't have time to wash and dry and fold them, but that's fine because I will fluff them up the next day and fold them and put them away. 

I really love this new part of my routine. 
I feel like it saves from having to do some many loads of laundry over the weekend. 
Also, I'm that type of person who likes to do little bits of things over time and not a lot of anything at once, so this really helps out. 

Thing #3
Wash Other Clothes

On Friday night I try to throw in a load of laundry. 
I will do our regular clothes, workout clothes and Alex's work clothes, if he's not working on the weekend. 
Monday through Friday Alex wears a work shirt and work jeans. 
These clothes can get SUPER dirty, so they have their own laundry bin, and sometimes they get thrown in the washer the minute that he comes home. 
Other times I wait until the weekend and throw them all in by themselves without fabric softener. 
Did you guys know that if you have fire retardant (FR) clothes that you shouldn't use fabric softener with it?
I did not. 
My husband works on gas lines and the FR clothing is supposed to be to help prevent the clothes from catching on fire. 
Well unintelligent me was putting fabric softener in with them and had no idea that I was setting up my husband for disaster if something would happen. 
Luckily, Alex caught it and now I have to consistently remind myself to skip the fabric softener!

Saturday mornings are usually a great time for me to finish the laundry. 
I am typically up early and can get lots of loads done before I go running and after I get back. 
Normally by the time Alex wakes up on Saturday morning the laundry is nearly finished and ready to go back in our drawers.

Thing #4
Iron/Steam Clothes

As I've mentioned before I pick out my clothes over the weekend, iron/steam them and have them ready to go for the week. 
I cannot stand to wait until the last minute and try to make cute outfits. 
It plain out stresses me out, and I don't have one extra minute to spare in the mornings. 

I pick out the tops, cardigans and pants that I want to wear for the week. 
I iron and steam them and then put them at the front of my closet, so that I can easily grab my outfit of the day each morning. 
Actually, most evenings I pull out my outfit for the next day and hang it on my closet door or lay it out on our spare bed.

Some evenings I even pick out my jewelry ahead of time.

All of this planning just makes life in the morning that much easier. 

Recently, I've learned that I need to pick out my casual clothes for Friday's and iron them too. 
Most Friday's I wear jeans and a school shirt, but lots of times that school shirt needs ironed, so now I'm picking out my school shirt a week ahead and ironing it too!

Thing #5

I like to clean each week. 
Some weeks I am able to clean more things than others. 
It seems that our house gets dusty very quickly. 
I've had people tell me it's from our hardwood floors. 
We don't have carpet in any of our rooms, so you can easily see the dust. 
I hate dust and even tried to convince Alex I was allergic to it, but he didn't buy it. 

Each week I always clean the bathroom and sweep the floors. 
Most weeks I will dust, but sometimes I don't do the baseboards and every picture/surface in the room.

I love my Shark sweep with all of its attachments, but just this week I was able to use a regular Swiffer under our bed and some other pieces of furniture where the Shark attachment won't fit. 
I could see all of the dust under there, but I couldn't figure out how I could reach it because none of the attachments were that small. 
Then, I remembered a regular Swiffer and borrowed my parents and voila! so much less dust now. 

Each week or every other week I wash our sheets, and I love to make the bed each day. 
Some days it doesn't get made, but I love a nicely made bed, even if it's 5 minutes before I'm going to get into bed, I'll still make it!

Thing #6
Prepare Lunches

After returning home from the grocery store I like to wash my grapes and put them in a new container, wash my carrots and put them in a new container, cut my cucumbers and celery and put them in their own containers.
So, it's on grocery store night that I get everything cut and prepared.

I've learned that if things are cut and readily available that it's more likely that I will eat them. 
So I take care of the cutting and washing after the grocery store, but I prepare Alex and I's lunches the night before each day. 
I tried preparing all of them on the Sunday before, but they didn't seem as fresh and some of the veggies were soggy. 
So, I'm sticking to each night after dinner. 
I grab little baggies and fill them with our items for the next day. 
Usually I have a little bag of cheese, a bag of peanuts and raisins, a bag of celery and a bag of carrots. 
Alex likes a bag of cheese, a bag of trail mix, a bag of dried fruit and sometimes some celery or carrots. 
I dish out what I'm going to eat the next day (usually our leftovers from the night before) and make Alex's sandwich the night before. 
I set out our lunch boxes/bags and put in anything that doesn't need refrigerated, napkins and silverware. 
We are all ready to grab things and toss them into our lunch boxes/bags the next morning.

Thing #7
Make Menu for the Week

I typically am thinking about our meals for the following week before I head to the grocery store the week before. 
If I know I'm going to be making anything special, I add it to my list so that I can get it ahead of time and not have to swing by the grocery store each day. 

I make out our menu for the week and each night if I need something from the freezer I will either get it out the night before so that it can thaw or grab it that morning and put it in the refrigerator. 
I try to make things that will take longer to make the night before and have it ready to bake. 

Thing #8
Look at Grocery Ads/Plan List

We get our grocery ads on Tuesdays, and the new ads start on Wednesdays. 
I look through the ads for three stores each week. 
I write on the top of the ad which items I want from that store, and then when I go grocery shopping I take the ads with me. 

In addition, I have a running list of items needs on a Note in my phone. 
I like to list things in order that I will find them in the store. 
This prevents me from running all of over the store numerous times. 
I take my ads too. 
If there are a lot of things in the ad, I will add them to my Notes on my phone. 
If not, typically I can remember to grab them as I'm going through the things listed on my phone.

And then the week starts over again by heading back to the grocery store, cleaning/cutting things, washing work clothes, then to regular clothes, cleaning, ironing/steaming and preparing the menu and lunches.

I try to make each new week a bit better than the week before.
The best thing I've learned is not to stress out over any of it.
Sometimes the house won't be as clean and sometimes I won't have dinner planned, but we'll still make it through the week.
I love being prepared and will keep working at it.
What weekly schedules do you follow?
Do you have any tips on streamlining my week?


  1. I really enjoy grocery shopping during the week. I used to go on Sundays and then I realized that it's the worst day to go.

  2. I am the opposite when it comes to laundry. I like to get mine done all at once, that way everything is least for a few hours! Grocery shopping during the week sounds like a good idea. I usually get up early to do it on the weekend to avoid the craziness as it gets busier and busier!

  3. I love to meal plan for an entire month! Also, you will be happy to know that I got out my running shoes and have decided to put in a few miles a week instead of waiting until November. Gotta drop some pounds! Now I'm on the hunt for an activity tracker with music- any suggestions?