Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Workin' It: Spring Cleaning

Workin' It Wednesday

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This is seriously one of my favorite topics to discuss.
For some reason I've always enjoyed cleaning.
I hate things out of their place and dust, so everything just seems better in my world when it's clean and tidy!

After we put away our Christmas decorations I tend to get the itch to start spring cleaning.
Even though it's far from spring at that point in time, I start my spring cleaning, so that when spring arrives and the weather is finally nice, I can be outside and enjoy it.

Snow days seem to be a good day to knock some things off of my spring cleaning list.

Here's what I love to spring clean:


Cabinets seem to get unorganized and dusty quickly.
This past February I took every. single. thing. out of our kitchen cabinets and wiped them out.
I restacked pans and organized a bit so that items fit together better.
This is such a chore, but I love it when it's done.

After cleaning out the kitchen cabinets I moved to the bathroom cabinets.
Again, I removed everything, wiped it out and put things back in nice and neat.

Both of those tasks I was able to complete on two separate snow days.
It wasn't fun, but it's done.


I like to clean out my closets between seasons.
I get spring/summer clothes out and then fall/winter ones.
Recently I tucked away some heavy sweaters and set aside a pile that I no longer wear and want to get rid of.
Then, when it's finally warm enough for shorts, I will get those out and dust my drawers and closet.
Even though they don't get super dirty, I like to dust them and reorganize everything.

For our coat closet, I will wait until the cold weather is over, and then I will wash all of our coats, so that they're nice and clean for next season.
Anything that needs dry cleaned will be taken to the dry cleaners, and we will have it ready for winter when that time comes.


We have mostly hardwoods around our house.
When we refinished our house, we pulled up all of the carpet and redid the floors ourselves.
I'm very surprised at how much dust I notice.
I can sweep the floor one day and two days later I see dust.
I really hate that and still can't figure out a fix, so if you know one, let me know!
I tend to sweep the floors every week, but I don't wipe them every week.

Every so often I will get a damp rag and wipe the floors.
I'm the old fashioned kind, where I get down on my hands and knees and slide around until it's done.
I know some people hate that, but it just doesn't get as clean without being on your hands and knees.


I like to dust my blinds with a little Swiffer duster.
We have white faux wood blinds, so you can see whenever I can see the dust particles I get my little duster out and go over each and every single blind.
It seems like it takes forever, but it's really not that bad.


As much as I'd love to say that I wash down every wall, I don't!
I have intentions to wipe down a couple walls that look streaked.
Hopefully I will get to it in the next week, but we shall see.

So, what great tips and tricks do you have?
I love to clean, but at the same time it can get overwhelming.
I start making myself feel guilty and tend to always think there's something else to clean.
How do you keep sane with the never ending task of cleaning?
Can't wait to read what everyone has today.


  1. This post makes me want to start organizing everything right now! Using snow days to get your cleaning done is such a good idea.

  2. Spring cleaning is my favorite thing! We are getting ready to move in June so I have been cleaning, organizing, and getting rid of things we don't need. It feels good!

  3. I love how you go about your cleaning! I definitely get the itch, too, after Christmas, but haven't really gotten started - oops! I would suggest getting a Swiffer or something with a reusable / washable pad. You can quickly do that when you notice the floors getting dusty for a quick clean up between your regular cleaning.

  4. Oh my goodness - I bet your house is spotless! I am so good at spot cleaning, but deep cleaning the things you mentioned (blinds, walls, etc.) are not my strong suit! I liked this link up topic today because it's motivating me to do a better deep clean!

  5. I've gotten better about cleaning my classroom in that I have the kids pick up every scrap on the floor and on desks each period. My room feels so much better now that I have been a stickler about it!

  6. I'm wiping down the bathroom walls today, and I am not looking forward to it. Walls are something I never think about cleaning, but we are having it painted, so they will definitely need to be cleaned first.