Sunday, September 10, 2017

Peach Pie

Ok ladies, today I'm sharing one of my favorite recipes ever!
If I had to choose a favorite fruit, I would probably choose peaches. 
I used to choose strawberries, but I think peaches have won me over. 

I will eat a peach before I run in the summers or as an afternoon snack. 
I will eat them sliced with sugar or without sugar or just eat it whole like an apple. 
I love peaches!

I also love homemade pies. 
I'm really not a fan of any store bought ones. 
Even the "homemade" Amish pies aren't as good to me. 

Last week I made my first peach pie of the season. 
I'm so sad that I haven't made more by now, but the peaches just didn't seem to be as plentiful here in Ohio this year. 

To begin with I used this simple pie dough recipe
It's the same one I used for strawberry pie, but you need pretty much the whole recipe of dough for peach pie since there's a top crust.

I liked to make my pie dough first and set it in the refrigerator to chill, and then take it back out in an hour to make the pie. 
I roll out the dough and get it set in the pie pan, and then I make the filling.

Items Needed:
6-7 peaches
1/2 C-3/4 C Sugar
3 TBSP. Corn Starch
Drop of Almond Flavor

1. Slice your peaches. 
Peaches really cook down, so you could really use about 10 peaches and be fine. 
I like lots of peaches, so I often go with more peaches than less.

2. Mix peaches, sugar, almond flavoring and corn starch. 

3. Put peach mixture in crust. 

4. Sprinkle cinnamon on top. 
Cut small pieces of butter and randomly place on top of peaches and cinnamon.

5. Add crust topping.

6. Pour the milk cap almost full of milk.
Dab the crust with the milk in the cap.

7. Sprinkle sugar on top

Bake at 400 25-35 minutes
Sometimes mine takes more time and sometimes not.
Watch it as it bakes. 
You can even broil the top at the end.

This is my favorite pie ever!
The crispy top crust with a dusting of sugar tastes delicious as you bite into the peaches with a touch of cinnamon. 


  1. This is right up my alley! Kyle isn't a fan of peaches so this would be all for me haha. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I wish I loved fruity desserts! I want to try this pie crust to make this for Robert and Ari!