Sunday, August 13, 2017

Sweet Summertime: The LAST Week-Week 11

I've had 11 weeks of freedom!
It was relaxing, exciting, refreshing, invigorating and much much much needed!
I love my job and work hard to do everything I can to meet my students' needs, but it's great to get a break, especially when it's 11 weeks long.
Tomorrow is the first day back for teachers, so this is my last time for my Sweet Summertime Recap until next June!!

Thursday, August 3

This was our first day that we were allowed back in our classrooms.
I was up early and went to school.
I really wish you could see this picture better, but it's another capture of our local Amish heading out to work.
It was 6:30 when I took this picture, which means they probably left their farm around 4-4:30 that morning to make it this far into town.
I love their work ethic!
I started organizing, hanging posters and scanning books in my new classroom library book scanner.

We are fortunate enough that our school allows each teacher to spend $75 at Walmart for school supplies, so some of us teachers got the Walmart card and headed to get our supplies.

Us girls had lunch at Bob Evans before heading back into our classrooms to work.

Friday, August 4

On Friday I had a meeting at school. so I headed there early to work some more in my classroom. 
I worked for a couple hours before the meeting. 
Our meeting lasted about two hours, and then I worked for a few more hours. 

I headed home to bake some cookies. 
My mom asked me to bake 3 dozen cookies for a church function. 
I completely forgot, but thankfully she reminded me, and I had enough time to whip them up in the afternoon. 

That day it rained on and off. 
We went to my parents to drop off the cookies and got to spot the fawns enjoying our apples up at the apple trees. 
For some reason they love to come out when it's rainy.

Saturday, August 5

Saturday Alex had to work, so I got up with him and headed to the grocery store right when it opened.
How I love going right when the doors open.
I had a list and was in and out in 12 minutes!!

I came home, finished cleaning the bathroom and our bedroom and went for a run.

After my run I decided I would head back to my classroom to do some printing and finish setting up some things.
I've really never had to go to school during non-working hours.
The alarm was on and thank goodness for my awesome co-workers who saved me from setting it off!
I forgot my code, but they remembered there's, so the cops weren't called!!

Sunday, August 6

Sunday Alex was back at work, so I headed to church by myself. 
I planned to go to my grandma's later but the plans fell through, so I cleaned our whole house.
Spare room, living room, dining room, kitchen floors and basement. 
I love love love a clean house!

That afternoon I did some reading and enjoyed mother nature.

I cut some blooms for a vase in the kitchen.

Monday, August 7

For a couple of years I have told myself that I would spend all day inside. 
Usually I can't sit still and find myself outside numerous times throughout the day. 
I might deadhead flowers, pick up sticks, water plants or something that let's me move. 
Numerous times before I've tried it, but it hasn't worked. 

Monday was the perfect day to stay indoors because it was raining. 
Now, my original plan was to not workout and to watch tv all day, but guys that's just not me. 

I did a 30 minute workout, but the rest of the day I worked on the computer, read and watched a little tv. 

I finished another great suggestion by A Gal Named Al
Iqbal was a great book about a boy who inspires other children to believe in life outside of their carpet factory. 

Now I have to admit that around 7 that night I did head outside.
Then, I came back inside and started reading I Am Malala
Aw what a great start to what I believe will be another great book!

Tuesday, August 8

Today was my last real weekday of summer.
I've been trying to be asleep by 10 or 11, so I was up early with Alex, did some work around the house, and then headed out for an early morning run.

I was back after 4 miles, watered some flowers, showered, blogged, watched Live with Kelly without Kelly, did my nails and headed for a bike ride.

Alex's hours have been so unpredictable, so I have done a lot without him.
I finished another book and simply enjoyed my afternoon or evening.
It's been so much cooler lately that the pool hasn't been an option.

Wednesday, August 9-Friday, August 11

On Wednesday I was up early to get ready to head to my travel agent classes. 
I'm starting my own little travel agency. 
More on that later, but the host company is amazing, and the three days I spent there was well worth the time and money!
The company is so sweet and helpful; I can't wait to get my business up and running. 

I've been so busy since coming home from the training that I'm just now getting this post together. 

And a couple cute little picture of my hummer friends on my flowers.

Tomorrow starts my Back 2 School Series. 
If you're a teacher, you should definitely linkup!


  1. I really hope you have a great first day back! You certainly packed a lot in your 11 weeks off. :)

  2. Your nature pics are so neat! Congrats on your new business!