Monday, October 17, 2016

Celebrating a Bride and Momma to Be!

This past weekend some of my girlfriends and I planned to get together to make our menu for our annual ThanksChristmas that we do on Black Friday. The guys were white water rafting, so I thought it would be perfect to have them over for dinner and some planning.

One of my friend's is getting married next May and another one is having a baby in March, so I set out to do a little decorating for them!

For the Bride to be!!!!

Unfortunately, I messed up the date on their cake topper. It should be 2017 instead of 2016!
This was Shay's Caramel Apple Cider cake! Yum!

 I threw together a little bundt cake gift with items to make one of Shay's 101 bundt cakes with her awesome bundt cake book! I have loved making delicious yet super easy cakes from this book and giving it as a gift. You can find it here!

For the momma to be!!!

My friend's hadn't found out yet what the gender of their baby was, so I did a little bit of boy and girl.
I always thought I didn't want to find out the gender of my baby when that day comes, but after one shopping trip of trying to find gender neutral items, I'm totally over that!!!
It was so hard to find anything cute that was gender neutral!

Here I made Shay's Pumpkin Spice Latte bundt cake!!

 I ordered this super cute personalized banner, but of all days our mail was late coming in on Saturday, so the package wasn't checked in by the time the post office closed. 
So, no cute banner for the sweet baby to be! 

 I really enjoyed putting everything together for this evening! I can't wait to celebrate the Gray's and Baby Emler!

Yesterday it was nearly 80 degrees here! Last week the mornings were in the 30's, so I definitely enjoyed a sunny warm weekend! Who knows, next weekend it might be snowing here. 
Have a great Monday!

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