Thursday, October 6, 2016

Enchantment of the Seas!

In June Alex and I cruised the Royal Caribbean Enchantment of the Seas for our honeymoon. We were a little unsure of doing a cruise since Alex sometimes gets motion sickness, so we opted for a 4 day one to try everything out!

The day after our wedding we drove up to Miami to stay the night and catch our ship the next day. I'm curious as to what others feel about leaving out of Miami. I can't say that we loved the hotel we stayed in or the area near us, but it was convenient, and we made it to board with no problems. 

This was the Royal Caribbean's private island and probably our favorite stop!
We found the other side of the island, which was pretty bare, so we laid out to ourselves and found some creatures before snorkeling. 

Our finds!!

I was adventurous and went snorkeling! Alex loves snorkeling, but I had never been. I'm a scaredy cat in that I never like doing anything daring, so I was very apprehensive about this. The goggles kept slipping off of my head, but we did see some neat fish. Thank goodness no sharks!

We really didn't love this stop. We went into a couple stores, ate lunch and then headed back to the ship. We didn't go to Atlantis because our ship docked early around 8 and Atlantis didn't open until 10 and our ship left early around 3, so we didn't feel we would get out money's worth out of the trip. 

(Don't mind the picture of me!)
Excited to find Heinz Ketchup in Nassau! 
Go Pittsburgh!

Prior to the wedding, I went to Key West for the day with my family, and Alex had already been there when he was younger, so we didn't have any big plans for this stop. 

Hemingway Home

Gotta love some Key Lime Pie!

Back to Miami and ready to head home!

Can you tell what I'm doing? Reading yet again. 
At one point in time Alex asked if I was going to be that boring person who read in the airport instead of explored...and yes, why yes that would be me! 

Traveling is fun, but coming home is fun too!
We're in the process of booking another cruise for next summer.
 Any ideas on places we should see?

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