Wednesday, October 5, 2016

The BIG Day!

The BIG Day!

Morning view from our balcony!

Side view of the marina

Since we were getting married at the resort we got to upgrade to an awesome corner balcony room that let you see the ocean, pool and marina next door! My mom and I stayed on Friday night, so I wouldn't have a chance of seeing Alex who was staying at the hotel next door. 

Being able to stay in this room was so neat because we got to see so much that was going on while it was happening. Saturday morning we woke up and went down to explore the grounds. Unknowingly, my dad had been sitting down by the water (shown in the picture below) for about an hour watching a mama dolphin teach her babies how to swim. Mom and I went down, saw my dad and then the dolphins came back through, so we watched them for a little while. 

These lizards were huge! and so fast!

I tried to pass the morning by doing a little reading out on the balcony.

As I was reading on the balcony, the crew started setting up for the wedding. I got to watch them set up the chairs, tables and put all of the finishing touches together. In addition, my brother and cousin and their girlfriends went kayaking and got in the water in the same spot where my dad had been sitting, so I got to see them and wave from our balcony. 

Since I planned everything for our wedding online or on the phone, I had the Glam Squad come to do my nails and makeup. They came right to my room, and did a fabulous job! My aunt is a beautician, so she did my hair. Everything truly turned out exactly as planned. 

Most of our guests stayed at the hotel where the marina was right next door, so this allowed them to walk across the parking lot (see picture below) and through the gate to our ceremony. I got to watch them all walk up before I had to go down to be escorted out. This was such a neat experience to be able to see all of them coming without them seeing me!!! 

If you know me, you know how much I LOVE flowers! This is the one thing that I wanted to look perfect...and they were! I wish I could have kept these flowers forever!
Kudos to Marathon Florist!!

We walked past the infinity pool to the ceremony area. The only thing I could hear were the people sitting around/in the pool cheering for us! I honestly wasn't even sure if they were ready for us because I could only hear the pool music and not the song that I selected to be walking down the "aisle" to. We made it to the gate, and then I could tell it was time!!

The sun was so bright, which was great because that meant it wasn't raining, but it was kind have hard to see. 

Such an amazing day!
Photos by Care Photography

I cannot say that there is one thing I would change. The weather was perfect, especially since it had rained off and on every other day that we had been there. It was sunny with some clouds and about 100 degrees!

A day not to be forgotten!

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