Tuesday, October 11, 2016


These cold early morning temperatures are reminding me how much I love scarves!

My classroom is very chilly on a daily basis; I seem to only get afternoon sun, so in the morning I could basically wear my coat every day. 

The past couple of days I've been finding a ton of scarves to add to my collection.

It doesn't help that when Alex and I got married, and I moved in this summer that I said I would bring my scarves first. I have way too many and Alex wasn't sure the rest of my clothes would fit with all of the scarves... A girl can never have too many!

Here are some Loft favorites...
Extra 60% off using FLASH....
....making them only $8

Nordstrom favorites...
 Last night I ordered this fringe scarf in Olive. 
It also comes in 5 other colors! 
 This is a classic plaid infinity scarf that comes in one other color
 Such a cute new tan multi
It also comes in two other colors, but I loved this one the best!
 Love this new check square one. 
It isn't in my shopping cart yet, but I ought to add it soon! 
I think this will be super cute for the holidays!
I ordered the Red Rumba, but it also comes in grey.

I'm pretty set to be wearing a different scarf with my outfit every day for a while! 
Good thing because we do winter here for about half of the year!
Happy Shopping!

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