Tuesday, October 4, 2016

The Days Before the Big Day!

What a trek!

Alex and I decided to get married on the beach in Marathon, Florida. Ironically enough, the first hotel that I saw when searching online is the venue where we ultimately decided to have our big day! 

Now, at the time that I started making plans for the wedding, the hotel was still not finished...and it was supposed to open at the beginning of January...and they still weren't finished.

So, I decided to ask for pictures of a wedding that was happening before us, and they said there would be none! What?! 

I chose a venue and would be the very FIRST wedding there! That kind have freaked me out, but hey someone has to be the first, so might as well be me!

Alex and I always desired to have a small wedding, and we both enjoy the beach, so we only had to find the perfect spot. After many and many and many hours searching online, we decided to go with the Courtyard Marriott in Marathon!

Now this place was about a 21 hour drive from our current home, so we knew it would be quite an adventure. 

Quick trip to Pittsburgh to spend the night and catch our early morning flight to Fort Lauderdale!

Ready to land!

We drove a few more hours and finally arrived at our destination!!
I had a quick meeting with my wedding planner and unfortunately found out that she had a family emergency and had to take a flight out the very next day. So, I was on to wedding planner #3 as the first one fell through majorly. I loved D'Asigner Events, but Jill from Mile Marker Party Rentals filled in and did a fabulous job. 

I know people always say there is some last minute emergency and to find out that the lady who had been planning my wedding for the past few months couldn't be there was like a big punch in the stomach, but I knew everything would work out!

I would be getting married in this exact spot in only a couple of days!!!

This is what Alex did the morning of the wedding... I was busy getting my hair and nails done while he enjoyed a day at the beach. Thankfully, he remembered that he needed to be back for the wedding in time.

Welcome bags for our little poolside rehearsal dinner.


Come back tomorrow for a recap of our BIG Day!!

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