Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Show and Tell: All about YOU!

Today I'm linking up with Andrea for some Show and Tell Tuesday!

Today we are sharing our quirks, nicknames, phobias and other things that makes me, ME!

One of my nicknames in school was small. Naturally, I'm not one of the biggest people, so I was always considered short and tiny. This was a name that stuck throughout middle school and high school but since has subsided. 

I'm really not a nickname person. I'm usually Beth, but at school I'm Mrs. K or Miss. B.

A little quirk about me is I'm most definitely a neat freak. I like to use something and then put it back in it's exact place, so that the next time I want to use it, I go right to its spot and find it. 

This goes to the extent of before we were married I would make my bed first thing in the morning. It was ALWAYS made. If I didn't have time to make it, it was going to be a BAD day. Now, I'm the first person up, so I can't make it. 
Instead as soon as I'm don't blow drying my hair, the blow dryer is put away. 
I hate junk and clutter, so I want stuff gone and out of sight. 

I HATE spiders.. This is something that I've always despised. Anytime there was a spider in my room as I kid, I would yell for someone to come get it. Thankfully, I have learned to take care of them myself now if I have to. 
The other day I was driving down the road and saw a thick, black spider on the outside of my window. My window was down a little bit, so I tried to put it up before the spider crawled in, and I accidentally hit the wrong button and BAM! there it was like seriously running along my door. I was trying to drive, and thought I may rear-end the car in front of me because I just couldn't take my eye off of the spider. Luckily, I had a piece of junk mail to squash it before I hit someone.

Tight Spaces: I never was afraid of tight spaces until I've gotten older. When I was younger I loved to find any nook and cranny and plop down and read. I remember reading in a tree, the back of my dad's truck, in a closet, everywhere! Now, I'm super afraid of tight spaces... We went to Niagra Falls to celebrate the new year, and we decided to go down behind the Falls. We got on the elevator, and about 7 of us were crammed in a tiny elevator. I was at the back and suddenly I went into panic mode. I told everyone that I no longer wanted to do it and was going back to the top as soon as we got down there. I walked out of the elevator and was suddenly fine. There was something about so many layers of clothing and being crammed in that tight space that made me jittery!


  1. I have very similar quirks. And I make my bed every single morning!

  2. I am a neat freak as well - my husband hates it and says our house doesn't look "lived in" most of the time! #sorrynotsorry :)


    1. My husband says the exact same thing! I just can't help it..everything needs its place!