Thursday, October 20, 2016

Fall Inside

The leaves have abruptly started changing here in the north. We have been experiencing warmer than normal temperatures for the past few days, so I've been outside enjoying the 80's because I know soon it will be 30. 

This is our first year both living in this house, so I'm excited to document our first fall together!

A little fall decorating on the table in the living room, along with one of my favorite Bath and Body works candles-Lakeside Sunrise. I'm not sure if it's available anymore.  

See that not so great pumpkin painting at the bottom right? I painted it last fall. It didn't look too bad until I put the lines on the largest pumpkin. Now it looks like an orange pineapple!

One of my co-workers made the cute shadowbox for my school bridal lunch, and another person made the lantern for us as a wedding gift!

 A little kitchen pizzazz!

 Another favorite fall candle.

 Dining room! 


 This wreath is super cute and from Pier 1, but I could no longer find it on their site.

 We get our pumpkins from the local Amish. 
I always loved waking up on Saturday mornings as a kid and hearing the clip clop of the horses hooves as they headed in town for the Saturday farmer's market. 

It's so awesome and mind boggling to see how they live day to day.
 There are always little kids like ages 2-5 running around in their bare feet, leading the horses or doing farm chores when we go out to get the pumpkins. 
My dad used to run across them while he was working. The kids always loved getting a piece of chewing gum or crackers from him! It's the little things! #simplelife

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