Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Dining Room Table: Which Setup Looks Best?

Last weekend I was doing a little cleaning and redecorating when I decided to spice up our dining room table. 

Our dining room table had looked like this. 
I had silver circular napkin rings with a tan and butternut striped napkin in each ring. 
This was more my spring table setup, but I just hadn't taken the time to switch them out. 

I started first by getting rid of the napkin ring and napkin and adding my summer dragonfly holder with some older silverware. 

(Look #1)

I then found some patio dishes that I had bought but not yet opened. 
I traded out my good Longaberger dishes for these light Potterybarn ones. 

(Look #2)

Which look do you like best- Look #1 or Look #2?

The thing about Look #1 is I don't have four plates in the butternut. 
I actually ordered more plates over a year ago. 
Longaberger is more of a local company, and I really do like the look of their dishes, but they've done a horrible job on this order. 
They outsourced some of their work and my pottery has been sitting in China for a long time. 
At first it was they would be here by Christmas, then Easter, now I have no idea. 
I'm really disappointed in the company, but I did get them for a good deal. 
The thing is I now have no clue what I ordered. 
Some day they will show up, and it will be a great surprise!

In Look #2 I bought those dinner plates and salad plates from Potterybarn many years ago. 
They, too, were having a great sale, so I stocked up thinking the style would be a one-year thing. 
They still have these plates, and they're on sale if you like them. 

I rearranged some things and added a few other new touches to the dining room and to the living room and called it a day.

This personalized cutting board came into the dining room from the living room.
The bird's nest was in the dining room but being used differently and the plant was in the kitchen.

Some faux hydrangeas to bring out the summery feel.

I've been having a tough time deciding what to put in this little area on our table in the living room.
So I grabbed a picture from our wedding and put it in a different frame, took the lantern and candle and the greenery and glass bowl under it from the dining room.
Right now I'm pleased with it.

It's just and awkward spot since I have the tray with a candle, coasters, some magazines and remotes at the other end.
Any other ideas on what I could put in that corner?

I love to decorate and re-decorate.
I'm not the best, but it's fun and quickly passes the time.
I can't wait to get out my all of my Christmas decorations in a little over 4 months!
Still working on my Christmas menu.
I'm trying to rework things this year so that it's simple yet yummy. 


  1. Place setting #2 is the winner to me!

  2. You have such great taste!!! I love #2. I wish we could keep place settings like this on our table but our cat is a jerk and will knock them off.

  3. I am loving look number 2. So pretty!

  4. Love #2!! And where is your coffee table from?! Love it!!!!