Friday, July 14, 2017

Sweet Summertime Recap: Week 7

Happy Friday!
I'm forgoing Friday Favorites in order to catch up on my 7th Week of Summer!
It's the dog days of summer, and I'm trying to enjoy every single second because school is just around the corner.
I was in Walmart earlier in the week, and I even saw school supplies!

Thursday, July 6

On this morning I got up early, went for a run and got ready to hit up some stores. 

I really despise Walmart, especially the one closest to us, so I like to go very early. 
I make a list of exactly what I need, and run in and out. 

After Walmart I went to find corn hole bean bags at a flea market in the Amish country. 
Upon getting the bean bags I went to the local market where they sell cheap meats and cheeses and all kinds of other goods. 
It's basically an Amish grocery store. 

After that I decided to stop at a well-known Amish bakery for some donuts. 
I've always seen these ones-they're HUGE!
But I hadn't ever tried them before. 

They are so big!

I made it home by 11 and spent the afternoon doing some schoolwork and cleaning. 
Alex sent me this cool box while he was working. 
A Blessing Box. 
You can take anything that you might be in need of. 
How neat is that?!

Friday, July 7

Friday was a rainy one. 
I woke up and saw that it was sunny, so I headed outside to do some yard work when it started thundering and then raining. 

I came inside to enjoy a new Pop Sugar Fitness fully body workout only for it to get sunny before it rained again. 

All day it was on and off raining. 

That evening we headed out to go bowling with some friends. 

Saturday, July 8

Saturday was an enjoyable day at home. 
I did some deeper cleaning of washing and ironing curtains and cleaning under beds. 

I spent the early evening watching these cute fawns at my parents. 

Then, I worked on blog posts and ideas. 
It, again, rained off and on, so it was a good day inside.

Sunday, July 9

Sunday was a much cooler day. 
I finished another module in my class-The Teenage Brain and finished this book Prisoner B-3087.

Alex was basically away all day, so I had a lot of time. 
I did some rearranging and redecorating.

Monday, July 10

Rain, rain and more rain on this Monday. 

I finished the last module in my Teenage Brain class and then watched the trees and sky from this spot.

We have a huge hanging basket on the front porch. 
It's so large that when it's been watered I can't even lift it, and you can't set it on the ground because it will break off stems. 
Well, it got eerily dark and Alex was asleep on the couch, so I thought I would grab the plant. 
By the time I got to the front door it was SO so so windy. 
I opened the door to find a guy down the street peddling his bike past with his daughter in the pull behind. 

The weather was insane, and I just froze up. 
The people live just a few houses down, but I didn't know if I should holler for them to come in our house- the weather was SO bad. 

I didn't holler for them but grabbed the plant and ran to our back porch. 
I was trying to hang the plant on a hook on the back porch when I could hear a tree limb break and thunder crack, along with some lightning to scare me out of my wits (#Ihatestorms!)
I screamed. 
I could NOT see the limb and thought at any minute that it would land on the roof and then on my head. 
Alex came running out wondering what I was doing. 
I couldn't even put into words about the limb, and then there it was crashing to the ground. 

It's kind have hard to see but there are two huge limbs slightly in our neighbor's garden and on the ground. 
Luckily it missed the house and the electric lines. 

That evening we spent at a little get together at my grandma's for my uncles's birthday. 

Tuesday, July 11

Tuesday morning I was up early with yet another storm. 
It has been raining and storming so much lately. 
I did one short Popsugar Fitness video before getting ready to head to school. 

We had negotiations and needed to vote on them. 
They're still cleaning and putting in new flooring on my side of the building, so I didn't get to go in my classroom. 
I hit up Walmart and headed to my parents to grab a few things. 

I love all of our plants at my parents. 
A lot of them are HUGE!
I can remember planting them as little tiny ones and they've grown and grown over the years!

I cut some stems and took them with me!

It rained yet again, so I spent some time reading a new book- Everything, Everything
Every summer the other 8th grade language arts teachers and I choose a book to read.
We divvy up the pages and set dates to read them by. 
You don't have to read them by then, but at least we have common stopping points, where we then blog about what we've read on Schoology. 

I like to order my books through inter-library loan if I'm unsure if it would be a good fit for my classroom. 
I ordered this book like a month ago and it still hadn't come, so I bought it instead. 

This was my book choice, and I was a bit behind on the readings, so I was glad to grab it on my Walmart run and get a chance to read. 

Wednesday, July 12

It has rained yet again!
I did another Popsugar Fitness video because when I walked outside to run it was thundering and raining. 

After my video I wrote my final paper for The Teenage Brain. 
I wrapped up the morning by making hamloaf. 
Some to eat and some to freeze.

The rain only lasted for the morning hours, and then it was bright and sunny.
I did what any sane person would do in the summer and headed to the pool. 

I read my book club pick and enjoyed the sunshine!!

I got back home and threw dinner in the oven because I wanted to have it ready for Alex as soon as he got home. 

The timer was going off when he called to say he would be working late, so I ate alone.

Then I got to enjoy some time outside weeding and deadheading flowers from all of the rain. 

After that I finished my new book-Everything, Everything.
Thursday, July 13

I woke up to surprise RAIN!
No running again today, so I did another Popsugar Fitness video and did some laundry.
I cleaned a little and then finished my final paper.

I'm stoked to be done with summer classes for my last few weeks of summer!
I will be even more excited when I find out my grade because this class was HARD!

This afternoon I went to a little produce auction.
They had gorgeous flowers, hay and produce for sale.
The flower auction started at 1:45 and ended around 3:15.
Lots and lots of flowers!
I was able to buy 2 large containers for cone flowers for $6 combined.

I made corned beef sandwiches for dinner and froze some for another day.

Then, I made zucchini cupcakes; although, the frosting wasn't done yet.

The weather forecast is rain and more rain for the next day.
So, I will expect I get in a lot of reading time, and I've been slowly working on lesson plans for the beginning of the year.
Here's to hoping you have a great end to the week!


  1. I can't believe all of the stores that are putting their school supplies out right now. I feel like summer just started. It's crazy. I hope you have an awesome weekend!

  2. You guys must be getting everything we were supposed to get- we were supposed to rain all week and have seen just a few droplets! Glad the tree didn't get you guys! And I'm a bad teacher- I LOVE school supply sections at the stores- new and fresh makes me so happy! Have a wonderful weekend!